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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Simply put, this is my kind of diagram. It's interactive and informative, and of high interest within our household. Wycliffe Bible Translators has provided this link on their Facebook page to demonstrate the journey of translating a Bible into a given language.

This fits so well in our study of countries and cultures with My Father's World (which, I might add, we are thoroughly enjoying!).

Part of our cultural studies include biographies of missionaries published by YWAM publishers, written by Geoff and Janet Benge.  These stories have stirred up our interest and love for learning of their lives abroad, and the God-details that fit so well together as He leads us through the events of every day life.

We'll end up taking longer than prescribed to complete our study because we took some time off from Geography to complete our co-op responsibilities as well as my Homeschool Group co-director role duties. But, we've decided not to skip or chintz ourselves from the joy of learning about the world God made and the heart He has for the people He's created.

It could be said that we as a family  are experiencing our own "Road to Transformation." In summary, that's my kind of schooling!