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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Making Lemonade

After spotting the most loved and well-worn teddy bear in her bed during a walk about, a heart-weary momma says to the cutest boy on the planet {who is behind a closed door running the bath water}: "Seems to me a small teddy bear has reserved his spot in my bed for the evening!" Cute boy giggles and says, "Yes, please!" Heart-weary momma on a proverbial lemonade run after a lemony-sort of day says in a most official sounding voice, "Accepted!" Cute boy replies, "Thank you!!!"

With Danny's piloting and an overnight stay in Philadelphia, said mom with lemony-sort of day nearly behind her decides to allow youngest to overnight in his parent's quarters. That's always a special treat to Daniel. May I always have the strength to ask God for creative ways to show love to the very one who has tried my soul. How I love our two.