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Friday, July 17, 2009

About Worship

I was made for Worship. I know it. I started playing piano at the wee age of 4 when we got an old upright. I remember its very place against the inside wall in our living room. I started out playing by ear, and it's not as painful as all the jokesters make it out to be. Yes, I've heard every joke out there about playing by ear. When it came to a song, if I heard it, I could play it. Of course with my raising that meant a lot of hymns which I still love today. And if it wasn't a hymn I'd make it sound like one because that's what I knew. I still cherish the hymns and include them regularly within the context of our own worship services. I am thankful for writers and worship leaders such as Fernando Ortega, and Keith and Kristyn Getty who re-release old hymns and write new hymn-like worship songs-often introducing the beauty and theology of the hymns to many for the first time.

When I look back on my life I feel like David the shepherd boy, except that I am Kathy, the little Montana schoolgirl/shepherdess in training. I feel like David because all the while, God was preparing me for worship: the playing, singing, writing and leading of worship. I could talk about the divine intervention of God in the area of worship: a lady in our church who insisted on teaching me piano at no charge my Junior and Senior year in highschool. What about the years of college instruction by the most sought after professor in the entire School of Music.

Music comes naturally to me. Sitting at a piano and playing is similar to breathing. It's that much a part of me, and that easy for me. When I sit at a keyboard and play to the Lord, I might as well be breathing. Am I an expert? NO! But I know I was made for worship. And as for the breathing, I think I've been walking around holding my breath.

We don't live long without breathing as it's clearly known. Over the years I've taken big deep breaths during times when ordinarily the wind would be knocked out of me if you can follow the analogy. I ran to Jesus and then we ran together. The greatest hardships in life were when a new sweet fragrance would be released. Disappointment, death, divorce. I've experienced a lot, but as I said yes to the God of Sovereignty, and yes to the sovereignty of God, I have felt the faithful companionship of the Holy Spirit. I learned that God has the last word over every circumstance in life, and little did I know He was creating a costly perfume in me unlike no other. I say that because that's how God is. He's doing the same in you. Your fragrance before God is like no one else's.

The good news is I'm breathing again! Did you know it's possible to function in a gift and calling, but not flow in it? I lead worship every week at our local church of Jesus followers, and I love it. I'm not saying I've been a phony week after week as I lead because I haven't. God is more than faithful to pour out His presence in those times. But I found that I had stopped enjoying and flowing in my calling as a worshipper in my home. The sign was on the door- Secret Place, I would see it, but I didn't spend much time there with my precious Father. I was having a hard time adjusting to a secret place with windows...children, husband, etc. While I'm not there 24/7 because duty simply calls, I am finding myself there more often. In the busyness of life and doing wonderful Mom and wife things, I am learning there may be nothing better I could do for my family than release the fragrance of true worship in the walls of our home. I could see it last night as son and husband were clearing the table and cleaning the kitchen, and I sat and played and sang....and worshipped. It's a ministry to God and to my family. The stirring of that God-given gift is rising again, and I live for the next time I am with Him for a precious time to sing what I think He likes.


Kristi said...

Warm fuzzies.

Red Writing said...

I would love to worship with you Kathy!

Michelle said...

You have a wonderful gift, Kathy. :-) I love worship, but am not gifted musically. I have a 9 year old son who is and he lifts my spirit when he sings around the house ~ sometimes that alone is what keeps me worshiping all through the day. I love when He puts a song on my heart through him. :-)

I didn't realize you were in Montana!

Mari said...

This post touched me in several ways. I think we were all made to worship, but some people (like you) can help inspire worship in others, through their gifts of words or music. I also know what you mean about being in worship while at home. In my life there are peaks and valleys with that.
My Mom played piano by ear and that is also a wonderful gift.
I love the re-release of some of the old hymns. Have you heard any of them by Bart Millard of Mercy Me? He has two CD's out. Hymned and Hymned Again. I just love both of them and have them playing often at home.

Kathy said...

Michelle, I grew up there, but now live in Phoenix. My Dad still ranches in Southeastern Montana, and my sister lives in Helena. You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl. I love how God put His wonderful world together out there!

Yes, Mari I would agree that we all are made for worship, and I think many spend their lives trying to fill up that spot that is reserved for the Lord, and as you and I know, worship is more - way more than just music. I do not have the CD's you mentioned, but they sound great. I'll have to keep an eye on those. Blessings all!-Kathy

kymber said...

That was so beautiful! Your spirit shines through your words sister! Not only do you have the gift of song and worship, you also have such a gift for writing. I love it when you share your thoughts - you speak to all of our spirits.

I wish I could play the piano. I have admired those who can for so long. Maybe one day I will try - my mother LOVED playing and I used to love to sit and listen to her. It is one of my fondest memories of her - when she was happily relaxing on the seat of her piano stool. I am sure your family loves to hear you play. What a gift that is to hear a happy mother pouring out her heart and soul through music.

On my Sunday post last week you asked who the singer was that I posted the video of...his name is Chris Tomlin. "How Can I Keep From Singing" - bet that would be a great song to play at your piano!

Keep singing, playing, and PRAISING dear sister - your kids are watching you and you are leading them down the right path. Keep up the great work my friend! You are doing an awesome job!

Mary Lee said...

Great post Kathy!

Mary Lee said...

Someone tried to teach me to play piano once. I was frustrated beyond belief because, as you know, I have no musical ability! However; I do know where Middle C is and can also play "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" if I concentrate real hard! Just a side note: my grandmother played piano. She knew two songs..."Ave Maria" and "Silent Night". She played well but sang like me. LOL

Gina Stinson said...

Can we have a bloggy retreat and all get together for worship? What a sweet time that would be!...that'll be heaven!

Kathy said...

Gina, a bloggy retreat would, fun, fun! I think I would be thoroughly blessed and entertained!: )

Kathy said...

Kymber, I am so glad you were able to come by, and thank you for your loving words.

Susan said...

This post brought not only a smile to my face but tears to my eyes. And, I must admit a little bit of envy, which I always have when people play by ear.....I haven't an once of that and must have the music before me and had to "learn" those notes :o( !!!!

I would love to hear you play and sing, and I love to "read" what you also have a natural gift in that you know. What is wonderful and I love about you Kathy, is you have not only been given these wonderful gifts by God but you use them for HIM!!!! Oh, that each of us could, and would do that.

You are so special to me, and I know to so many others, too.

P.S. the veritication letters are "water"!!! How perfect He gives us the living water. What a fantastic God & Savior. He blesses us in even the most minute details.

Kathy said...

Susan, thank you! Oh, how confirming and verifying is that!!! I love it. Truly every good and perfect gift comes from Heaven, and what an honor we have in lifting those gifts and talents back up to Him. By the way, I was clearly reminded to post on the area of worship by your beautiful piano!!! : )