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Friday, May 28, 2010

On Worship: Kathryn Scott

If you're looking for a wonderful worship album, try to put your hands on Kathryn Scott's I Belong. The title song was co-written with her mother which I see as a wonderful tribute to a Godly heritage.

To my joy, I had the honor of writing a worship chorus with Bethany when she was about five. I'll never forget the day when she said, "Mom, play something so I can sing." And as she begun to sing a beautiful melody and lyrics came. Tune in again for those sweet lyrics! : )

Saturday, May 22, 2010

About Tonight

Tonight, I attended, along with my two children, a benefit concert of Praise and Giving for Sojourner Center. Sojourner Center is an organization which reaches out to help victims of domestic violence.I took my two children because their Daddy was gone flying, and this was one of those times they had to go with me. It was held at our church, and in support of Sojourner Center and my worship leading friends who were at the helm, I knew we were to attend.

It dawned on me as we were waiting for the event to begin, that I had never talked to the children about the difficult topic of domestic violence. For some it's not a topic, it's a lifestyle. Lord, how can I say this? How can I explain this to bring understanding yet diffuse fear? I love how God makes room for Himself in a child's heart. When He fills that place in them, the enemy cannot. Tonight, over the course of about an hour, my Heavenly Father did a beautiful job of keeping the heart and mind of my children filled with His presence. Daniel sat on my knee as we clapped and bounced to the music. Bethany's mind had begun to think about my explanation ("It's when someone in the house is dangerous to others they live with."  "What do you mean, Mom?"  "I mean, they might want to physically hurt someone in their home." "Oh." she said.)

We stayed for an hour, but with tomorrow coming soon, and the night growing late, we left. As we pulled out of the parking lot, Bethany said, "I have never been so thankful for my family." "What?" I asked, as I wanted to inquire further. She then repeated it. I had to ask what prompted this statement. Then she said, " I am so thankful for my Mom and Dad, and that I was not born into a dangerous family." If I could somehow find words to describe the sound of her voice; the gratitude and the portion of sorrow gracefully mixed together, you might be able to get just a taste of what I received. Her deepest thanks quietly spoken punctuated by her  deeper understanding of the world she has been born into. " God sure has been good to us." she said with relief.

I would've loved to have never mentioned this horrible plight to her. I would've loved to have had her mind free from ever having to understand why we were there. I have to say that tonight after we came home a bit of fear did show up in her heart, so I expect I have more work to do, more to pray with and over, and to help her sing a song of thanksgiving and victory to her Lord. To fill the air with sounds of praise and shouts of joy even, for what Jesus has done on the cross.(I've even wondered about my choice to take just never dawned on me, so Lord, help us with this.)   I'll explain to her again that Jesus can be  a shelter even for those who don't know how to call on His name, especially a helpless child. This is but one of many topics that requires His wisdom. Praying now in advance for His help and His hedge and tower about my children as they learn the truth of a wayward world.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Daniel Edward Wright with his Grandaddy, Hugh Edward Wright: about 5 years ago, now.

I am fascinated how the Lord speaks.  With the kids in bed at 8:30 I was anticipating some computer time, cleaning time, curriculum time, and then precious sleep.  It was interesting because Daniel could NOT get to sleep. A few different times I heard him up, and I would have him get back in bed.
In my own mind I thought, "O.K., If he's up one more time then he's going to have to stay home from Park Day tomorrow (No! Not the coveted, longed for, sought after, Park Day!). Park Day is our weekly pilgrimmage to a local park where the children enjoy Homeschool P.E., and with tomorrows' special treat being Sno-Cones, there was to be  NO missing Park Day! I felt discipline was needed: enough was enough. But, was I willing to endure the tears I knew would come?

Deeper still, past my mind and in my spirit, I felt as though I heard the Lord say, " He needs something. Something is wrong. Something is on his heart, and if he gets up one more time, you're to go to him and ask, and pray with him." It's interesting how quiet the Lord's voice can be. It's as if I had to tune the dial past my own thinking and tune in to Him to hear His heart for our son, Daniel. 

Then I hear a thud. Alright Lord, up I go to inquire and to pray. So, into Daniel's room I went to discover a boy desperately trying to pretend to be asleep. Quickly exposed in his efforts, I then pulled out his desk chair and sat down and began to ask him what is on his heart.  His eyes filled with tears, his voice quivered, and the deep and tender feelings of a 7 year old boy began to pour out: the childhood missing of a Grandaddy who recently passed away. He simply missed someone who had been such a big part of his life. How could I have almost missed that?

How could I have almost missed hearing the Lord who wanted me to hear what He already knew of: the hurting heart of his  creation. It was so close. It almost happened. Yes, Daniel would've slept eventually, but it would've been a missed opportunity for me as his mother. Yes, we are conduits. We're the ones that remind our children when those all important moments come, that Father in Heaven is ready, He knows, and He cares. I did what I needed to do: I prayed with Daniel right then.

Jesus, I am sure and certain that you care about Daniel's heart that misses his Grandaddy. Minister to this little brown-headed fella who might be drifting off just about now. Thank you for the nudge to attend to Daniel's heart tonight. Amen.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

To all the Moms that come by A Field Lily, Happy Mother's Day.

This is God's love song to you this very morning. Remember, Jesus is talking to the Father right now about you. You are His beloved daughter, and He has given you everything you need to live and to flourish. Flourish in His courts, a planting of His fruitful vine. You carry about the very fragrance of the Lord. He has placed His Holy Spirit in You. He loves you. Forever, and ever, and ever!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

This National Day of Prayer

On this, the National Day of Prayer, we're called to come before the Living God with repentant hearts in a plea for mercy upon our Nation. Oh God, have mercy upon us.

We pray for our leaders on every level, both Godless and God fearing. Oh God, have mercy upon us.

We pray for churches that they would be filled with the fiery truth of Your unchanging Word. Oh God,  have mercy upon us.

We pray that our homes would be known by our unwillingness as Christians to live an uncompromising life. Oh God, have mercy upon us.

We pray that our children would receive the unquenchable legacy of faith that is theirs, by trusting in Christ, that they would run to receive the prize. Oh God, have mercy upon us

May we lift up our hearts in a cry for those outside of our borders who have yet to see Christ, the hope of Glory. May He be high and lifted up. Oh God, have mercy upon us.

With this being the prayer the Lord has put upon my heart, I conclude by asking you to read this blog post by Mick Antanaitis, Missions Pastor from Belmont Church, in Nasvhille, TN. He is currently ministering in Northern Iraq. His most recent post gripped my heart,  and brought my thoughts and prayers to an even  more focused point. Please pray for those outside of our borders who are raising up the banner for Christ in extremely difficult and dangerous circumstances. Oh God, have mercy upon us.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Few of my Favorite Random Things

Ever made Refrigerator Soup? That's when you take a bit of this and that and this and some of that and make it a meal! :  )  Well, this is one of those posts except my camera battery needs charging, so no pictures. Here goes:

Random thought: "If the bloggers I read don't stop writing such interesting posts for me to read I'm NEVER going to get this post done!"
I preface this next piece by saying that we talk about politics in our house. We also talk about that we're to pray for those in authority over us. So with that in mind, I cautiously tell you this one:
While driving to Field Hockey today we pass a commercial van for a security company. It says on the van, "Our business is to protect YOUR business." Daniel replies after reading it, "Well, if your business is to protect OUR business, then get Obama out of here!!!"
Ahem. I had to take a deep breath. And I laughed. Sorry, but I did. Then I remembered our role of teaching them to pray for their leaders. Tomorrow is National Day of Prayer. Gonna do it.

My heart stopper for the day:

While out in the garage working on a project, Daniel calls from inside the car before he and Danny head off to run an errand, "Hey Mom, Look at me." I look. With his big grin in tow he says, "I just love you!"

A favorite Mom moment:
Today I had the pleasure of watching my little blonde 10-year old pogo stick 78 bounces before she had to stop. Then, she and Daniel, on their respective teams, went out and played the best field hockey they could come up with. 
 I love seeing life grow. I love seeing His created ones showing just a smidget of His love for  experiences that bring them joy - children pushing their physical bodies to achieve a desired goal. God put that in them, and I KNOW it brings Him even more joy than it does me.

I just had to make a note of all of this. This is His day, and I want to remember what's a part of it. This great day in the midst of worldwide, national, state and local prayer needs. Thank you, Lord, for giving us times like this that bring peace, laughter, joy, and comfort. We need you every single hour.