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Friday, May 21, 2010

Daniel Edward Wright with his Grandaddy, Hugh Edward Wright: about 5 years ago, now.

I am fascinated how the Lord speaks.  With the kids in bed at 8:30 I was anticipating some computer time, cleaning time, curriculum time, and then precious sleep.  It was interesting because Daniel could NOT get to sleep. A few different times I heard him up, and I would have him get back in bed.
In my own mind I thought, "O.K., If he's up one more time then he's going to have to stay home from Park Day tomorrow (No! Not the coveted, longed for, sought after, Park Day!). Park Day is our weekly pilgrimmage to a local park where the children enjoy Homeschool P.E., and with tomorrows' special treat being Sno-Cones, there was to be  NO missing Park Day! I felt discipline was needed: enough was enough. But, was I willing to endure the tears I knew would come?

Deeper still, past my mind and in my spirit, I felt as though I heard the Lord say, " He needs something. Something is wrong. Something is on his heart, and if he gets up one more time, you're to go to him and ask, and pray with him." It's interesting how quiet the Lord's voice can be. It's as if I had to tune the dial past my own thinking and tune in to Him to hear His heart for our son, Daniel. 

Then I hear a thud. Alright Lord, up I go to inquire and to pray. So, into Daniel's room I went to discover a boy desperately trying to pretend to be asleep. Quickly exposed in his efforts, I then pulled out his desk chair and sat down and began to ask him what is on his heart.  His eyes filled with tears, his voice quivered, and the deep and tender feelings of a 7 year old boy began to pour out: the childhood missing of a Grandaddy who recently passed away. He simply missed someone who had been such a big part of his life. How could I have almost missed that?

How could I have almost missed hearing the Lord who wanted me to hear what He already knew of: the hurting heart of his  creation. It was so close. It almost happened. Yes, Daniel would've slept eventually, but it would've been a missed opportunity for me as his mother. Yes, we are conduits. We're the ones that remind our children when those all important moments come, that Father in Heaven is ready, He knows, and He cares. I did what I needed to do: I prayed with Daniel right then.

Jesus, I am sure and certain that you care about Daniel's heart that misses his Grandaddy. Minister to this little brown-headed fella who might be drifting off just about now. Thank you for the nudge to attend to Daniel's heart tonight. Amen.


Susan said...

Amidst tears I say ..... I am so thankful God chose to put you, & your family, in our lives, Kathy.

What a lesson to ALL of us, even those of us who's families are grown, to look beyond the sometimes annoying events and truly "see" and be willing to "hear" what God knows and is saying and showing us. You do.

God used you to share this with us that we, too, may "see" and "hear" what the Spirit of God wants and is saying.

Mari said...

I'm so glad you were listening to that still, small voice. It can be hard to know what is going on in our kids heads, but God knows!

Mary Lee said...

A tender hearted boy and a tender hearted mother = priceless!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, sweet boy! Thank you for the great reminder that sometimes we need to seek out what is on our children's hearts...

Nancy said...

What a precious reminder to take a second look when things seem to be amiss...we need to listen for the voice of God!

Gina Stinson said...

What a precious post...and word from the Lord. I love it when He does that...and even more when I am listening and act on what He tells me to do.

You're a fantastic mom!


Sandra said...

What a heritage your two children are coming from!!!They will one day be a mighty man and a mighty woman of God that will impact their part of the world.