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Friday, February 27, 2009


It's about perspective. This afternoon I have been happily doing something I don't get to do in leisure very often-bake a batch of cookies, whip up my favorite chicken tettrazini recipe....while the children and their two fun buddies play in the back yard. And boy, have they played!!! They have had a blast. Now, I doubt my efforts toward this meal will make any kind of impression on them, but it's a day I feel like I could remember forever: joy in fresh oatmeal raisin cookies, their voices punctuating the air like a flower at its peak of fragrance. The combination thereof, both sounds and smells, has created for me a beautiful perspective that I shall long remember. What will be their recollection? Because of their childhood perspectives I doubt they would hold on to the memories the same as I. How good of God to set our perspective-from childhood to adulthood. It changes as do the seasons, but never forgetting each one can be seen as a precious gift .

Saturday, February 21, 2009


This is my small tribute to one of the greatest men in the Lord I know, Jeff Pate. Jeff and Roxie were married the very day I was born, and now just 2 days ago, Jeff was set free from Brain Cancer and made the voyage of all voyages HOME to be with his loving Saviour, Jesus. Roxie and family, our prayers are with you. Jeff, we're rejoicing in the new freedom and fullness in the Lord that is now yours! Jeff and Roxie intervened and interceded for me during a most difficult trial in my personal life in the late 80's. They simultaneously pointed me onward in my journey with the Lord, and for that I am eternally greatful and forever blessed. Their love for the body of Christ is rivaled only by their passion for the Lord as together they have lived their lives before Him. The new thread begins. Hope springs eternal!

The Recipe

Here is the Broccoli Cornbread recipe I mentioned in a previous post, and folks, it's delicious! You may have a recipe for BC, but this one....well, what can I say, it's a fine representation of Grandmama Christine's Southern-style cooking. Enjoy!

1 Box J*iffy Cornmeal Mix (other brands have not worked)
10 or 11 oz bag frozen broccoli cuts
6, count 'em, 6 eggs
1 stick of butter melted, but cooled
1 medium onion, chopped
1 C Grated Cheddar Cheese
1 well-greased baking dish

Now do this:
Put all liquids together (eggs, butter), add onion, broccoli, and cheese. Mix very well. Then add the box (dry) of J*iffy Cornmeal Mix, stirring well. Pour mixture into a very well greased pan. Turn oven to 350 degrees, and bake for 30 minutes or until a nice golden brown crust forms on the top. Christine emphasized that the eggs and butter are the only liquid needed for this delectible recipe.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Home Sweet Home Away From Home

Now that the kiddos are in bed for the night I am ready to post photos from our vacation to Georgia. So, grab your cup of late night de-caf herbal tea, and enjoy!

Bethany, Daniel and Zoe the Wonder Dog! Cool dog. When our aging dog Lady gets too barky, I kindly remind her that her possible replacement, Zoe, is not really that far away! Kidding of course!

Daniel warms up in from of Granddaddy Wright's wood burning stove. Just what a boy's childhood should be about.

Granddaddy and Grandmama Wright: Keepers of the Faith and the fire in the wood-burning stove! Dad and Stepmom to my beloved Danny. (Did I mention Grandmama Christine's amazing Potato Salad and Broccoli Cornbread????)

On our walk with Zoe the Wonder Dog, we found these amazing mushrooms growing on the trees. Since Martha Stewart was nowhere to be seen to help determine their usability, I just let them grow and said, "Wow, what an amazing Creator God we have!!!"

Father/Son Day on the Cushman as we roamed the beautiful Georgia Woods.


Well, what these photos don't show are that angels do laundry. Yes, they do. First of all, when your husband calls you a safe distance away from his office on the 2nd floor of your home to tell you that you're leaving in 30 minutes rather than in 5 hours as you had thought, you find yourself scrambling. There was a gigantic pile of laundry on the floor that I was planning on casually folding - a plan for another day I learn. Literally, I am going, "Okay, I need pj's for Daniel." I moved a couple of things, and there they were-top and bottom. "Okay, I need PJ's for Bethany now. " I move something and there they were - top and bottom together again! Folks, I'm pretty sure someone came down and did some serious sorting, 'cause in 30 minutes (remember now, my hair was wet, I was in pj's and not a stitch was packed,) we were on our way to the airport! I kindly expressed a quiet word to my courageous caller/husband that I would have rather done this another way! Seems that Pilot honey is used to crew scheduling making all the arrangements I guess, and well, they no longer had a 4 pm afternoon flight on Saturday. Oh, and then when we came home.....the angel otherwise known as Mary Lee had folded the laundry pile of all laundry piles which the invisible angel helped me sort on that memorable hurried day-gone South.

The Genius Has Posted!

The Eagle has landed - the Bumbling Genius has posted!! Two great American events in my lifetime!!! : )

Monday, February 9, 2009

Fowl Faux Paux

While attempting to salvage a reading lesson turned silly I grabbed our handy-dandy "Birds of Arizona" Field Guide book and intended to have son read a page on the bird of his choice. In this case: the male Northern Cardinal. Under Stan's Notes: it reads: "A familiar backyard bird. Look for the male feeding female during courtship. Male feeds young of the first brood by himself while female builds second nest." Readying himself, Son extends his pointer finger and begins reading aloud, " A familiar backyard bird. Look for the male feeding.....("Wait, let me accidentally skip a line while reading that will change the whole story and paint a different picture altogether", says his brain.....and then continues) himself while female builds second nest!" Let me double check, this is a bird book right? Was this written by Archie Bunker or what!!! Oh, the slips of childhood that undo me.

Kathy Adds: Daniel accidentally skipped the next line he was supposed to have read, and in doing so, it ended up sounding like the male bird fed himself while the female built the 2nd nest.

Early Morning Recommendation

Our family has returned safe and sound from our fun and crazy vacation in Georgia. While our bodies took a beating from some stray southern virus, we're happy to report that our accents remained intact (noted by both Danny and I)! Yes, Danny does have a pre-existing condition in accent world, but is none the worse from our vacation. : ) By the way, z-pack's are great for kicking an infection, but nothing surpasses the strength I have felt from the prayers of friends over the last couple of days. (Oh, and then there was the Pineapple Upside Down Cake,Danny's favorite, that was left mysteriously by our now not-so-mysterious friends and neighbors, the Simpsons!) Food always ministers to me!!!

I just wanted to pass on something that I think is a beautiful resource for those who might like to check it out. The Institute for Creation Research has a "Days of Praise" e-devotional (also offered in hard copy) completely free. I'm including a link where you can sign up and begin enjoying not only inspiring words but a beautiful photo in the header that changes each day. I can't wait to see what it is when I pull up my emails for the day. You can check them out here:

Well, blessings, and I can't wait to have time to post some pics and fun stories.