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Monday, February 25, 2013


In our homeschool we're finishing up our study of  My Father's World's "Exploring Countries and Cultures" this week, after a year and a half of study.  We could've completed the study in a years time, but  we were not always consistent with doing geography each day. I'm okay with that!
Bethany has always loved Geography and has an excellent working knowledge of the world and how God laid it out. She can name way more countries than I can. Easy.  Daniel didn't used to like maps or geography, but as a result of our studies, he's become much more informed and curious about the world he lives in.  I've loved watching him grow in his knowledge of the world, and in his abilities to use the tools we have to learn more. 
We'll watch this movie to see the Emperor Penguins of Antarctica. I thought the children would really enjoy this film.  Here's yet another video. I'm wondering what makes the penguin decide to walk or slide?  Here is a glossary of penguin terms that may be helpful. Oh, gee whiz, just pop some popcorn and call it a movie day. Here's another video.
The first movie is about 10 minutes long. Watch it if you're curious. There's no dialogue, rather there is plenty of footage of penguins being penguins. You may want to put on your sweater though. It's chilly in Antarctica!

We'll do some mapping activites, and we'll also do some crossword puzzles and word searches. The children love those.  Here's the link that we're using for the puzzles and word searches.

We love the resources that My Father's World has provided for our studies. After this more specific overview of what we'll be studying this week, I am remembering all of  the fun we've had learning through Exploring Countries and Cultures.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This Is Why

How we spend our time has a silent ripple effect. Though the pebble makes a slight noise when it's first dropped into the water, the ripples continue outwardly from where the pebble first dropped. As we began our day of rain, reading, and breakfast - all together in the living room, I couldn't help but stop and ask what affect this would have? What contribution is this one solitary moment destined to make in the future of the children who are sitting with me? I cannot know the answer. But I can be very sure that it will be of affect, and that fills my heart with immeasurable joy. I nearly feel unworthy to have this time, but the gratitude I have outweighs the consideration of worth having anything to do with this. I had to stop to consider this and to make a note of it as I did not want the moment to pass with no record of it.

This is why we homeschool.