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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This Is Why

How we spend our time has a silent ripple effect. Though the pebble makes a slight noise when it's first dropped into the water, the ripples continue outwardly from where the pebble first dropped. As we began our day of rain, reading, and breakfast - all together in the living room, I couldn't help but stop and ask what affect this would have? What contribution is this one solitary moment destined to make in the future of the children who are sitting with me? I cannot know the answer. But I can be very sure that it will be of affect, and that fills my heart with immeasurable joy. I nearly feel unworthy to have this time, but the gratitude I have outweighs the consideration of worth having anything to do with this. I had to stop to consider this and to make a note of it as I did not want the moment to pass with no record of it.

This is why we homeschool.  


Mari said...

Kudos to you! I really think that if it had been an option when my kids were young, I would have done it too.

Susan said...

Your children are blessed to have you as a mother and I am blessed to call you friend. "<3"

Brenda said...

We know what the outcome is. That's what helps us through the ups and downs--especially the downs--of home educating. Even with all of our different personalities, idiosyncrisies, and those days that we get up on the wrong side of the bed, we know that the outcome, with the Lord's help of course, will be far greater simply because we were obedient to what the Lord asked us to do. Yes, that makes it all worth it! Now I'm off to teach proper punctuation and grammar ;) Sheesh!

Sara K. said...

This is profound! I think we could ask ourselves that all day long: "What affect will THIS have...?" I think we cannot underestimate the ripple effect!