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Sunday, December 1, 2013


What do you do with regret? Regrets?  At what point and how do you let go of those regrets?  A dear Christian friend of mind posted recently about a regret in her own life, a hefty and hasty decision she made. I understand regrets. I have some of my own.  Here was my reply written not in a scolding or reprimanding manner whatsoever, but just a reply because her words brought the question forth in my own heart.

"I'm asking this question only to ask but for no other reason: When we pause and reflect at a place of regret in our lives, where would our Forgiver have us turn our gaze? It is wise to pause, but only to pause, and then we move forward or at the least, turn our eyes upward, tear-filled though they may be, whisper our unending gratitude, receive His grace, and keep giving thanks as we ponder the depth of the cross and the power of what took place then and afterwards. Hmmm.....just thinking here because we must."