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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sixteen Cents

Although we try to minimize the times we discuss money in front of the children, such discussions do fall upon their ears every now and then. Today must have been one of them. While I was prepared to cancel a couple of personal appointments, "Kathy" appointments, my husband said, "No, this is how we can do it!" (Thank you sweetheart.)

As I prepared to leave for my first appointment I went into our bedroom to retrieve shoes and noticed my cover was pulled back. The tell-tale sign! Because it was quiet time at our house I thought that one of the kids had started their quiet time in our room. While re-adjusting the covers I found this note under my pillow:

Dear Mom and Dad,
The Lord just told me to give you some of my money. Love, Bethany

I collected my sixteen cents and went straight to her room with a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye and said, "Bethany, you are a young woman of wisdom and obedience." I told her I would never spend the money she gave me, but would keep it as a reminder of her wisdom, the wisdom to listen and the wisdom to obey. Can we as Christian parents do anything less than pray heartily for each other? It's not like this every day. This event in our household was like an air pocket in the ocean of parenting and I'm the deep-sea diver. Most days are tiring, and many even are quite discouraging. Today I got to come up for air, and I am grateful for this day, sixteen cents, and a heart like His in a nine year-old girl.


Mari said...

I have to tell you that this brought tears to my eyes. What a sweet thing to do. Hang on to this moment in the times ahead when she misbehaves!

Red Writing said...

Wow. These are the days that make all the others worthwhile.

Susan said...

I would keep that note with that 16 cents taped to it forever!!! How precious and with what wisdom you spoke to her about it. I am proud to know you guys!!!!

Jolanthe said...

That is the sweetest! :)

If you want to email me back about the geography book, I'd be happy to answer your questions.


Kathy said...

Susan, that's an excellent idea. Thank you for encouraging Danny and I....we always take it to heart.

Jolanthe, it was great to have you visit. Please do so anytime.

kymber said...

Oh my goodness - how sweet is that!!

That is a memory I know that you will cherish forever. What a sweet girl you have raised mama!

Through all of your strife over your financial woes - God just put His loving arms around you and showed you that He will take care of you.

How precious that your child is so obedient to the call of Her Savior. You are doing a great job Kathy - congratulations!
Blessings to you,

Mary Lee said...

That sounds exactly like something Bethany would do. Very good!

Kristi said...

SOOOOOOB. Such a sweet heart, your girl has...

Elizabeth said...

Kathy, she is truly the most genorous child I have ever known! She is always giving something to Maya and she is just so sweet! I love this story:)

Kathy said...

Kymber, you're right. I really had to focus on her obedience and make sure I didn't give her that 16 cents back, etc. She needed to give it, and of course, God wanted us to receive it.

This story makes me teary eyed too, and it happened at my house! Sniff again.

Anonymous said...

Wow This really made me cry.