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Friday, June 19, 2009

What I Loved About Today

What I loved about today was the thrilled lit up like a Christmas Tree look on my son's face when I told him he would get paid one quarter for wiping down the trays inside the door of the refrigerator. You know, the ones that hold the 10 or so bottles of salad dressing, 2 mustards, an OJ Jar and Milk. Oh yes, and the creamer that leaked slightly! Better than honey was the light that came over him when the deal was made. I love his willingness to help. Sure, the financial incentives helped, but in his heart was something that said ,"yes, will work for change!" : ) Oh, I loved it!

What I loved about today was the look of certainty on my daughter's face when she was sure that she should spend 29 cents at the Teaching Store (our second trip there this week.) We planned to go to make an exchange on items we purchased yesterday. While there our first trip she spied a pencil she wanted to buy. For who? Not sure, but sometime between then and now it became a quest to purchase a gift for ....someone. Me? Shhh. I'm not supposed to have figured it out. She was thrilled to do it! It reminded me of the Proverbs 31 woman who considered the field and then bought it. So it was a pencil, but the considering has to start somewhere. The best part was her not spending it on herself, not spending all she had in her wallet, not being jealous because her brother was purchasing a tube of Dinos with his Teddy Bear savings.

And these are the things so far that I have loved about this day. Oh yes, and Danny comes home tonight!


Brenda said...

I love those learning moments when our kids just 'get it'.
Grace bought me a priceless necklace from the $ store the other day for my birthday. the look on her face when she saw how much I love it was priceless as well.
Gotta love 'em!

Susan said...

Definately things to love!!!

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a great day!