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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Large-Lettered Compliment

I am a blessed worship leader on staff at a local church here in our city. Sunday Morning my husband Danny played drums for the Worship Team. I love it when he plays the drums. He and I have had this discussion, so I share it now with you.

We are blessed with a handful of drummers in our church of varying skill levels. But the thing I love the most about Danny's drumming is that he is so in tune with the Lord as he plays. Whether or not he plays perfectly or exactly like we rehearsed I can usually be sure he will play at the speed the Lord is leading us.

Anyway, I wrote him a sweet note during announcements , and as I was writing it I recalled that he had left his eyeglasses at home. So, I scratched out my small to medium-sized writing and took on the role of Paul in the Bible. I rewrote my note with very large letters! And the good news is: he could read the large letters and therefore received the sincere compliment with joy!

Galations 6: 11 "See with what large letters I am writing to you with my own hand!"


Mari said...

I love that! Both the tribute to your hubby and the way you complimented him!

Elizabeth said...

Cute! No, passing notes in church:)

I love that you complimented him as well. He did do a great job! I think that is so important in a marriage to remember to give compliments. What a great reminder for me:)

Mary Lee said...

Yes, Danny drummed well. He always does!

Gina Stinson said...

Sweet! Sometimes leaders forget to compliment others on their team...nice that you shared the compliment...even if it was with your dh!:)

I'll let you know about curriculum....any suggestions????

Red Writing said...

Awwwe! That was so sweet of you. Just got caught up on all of your blog posts since you went on your trip. (My trip messed up my blog-reading routine)Good stuff!! Love the Father's Day tribute and the back-to-school bags. You are one thoughtful mom, daughter, and wife!

Oh--and I love the new blog header and background!Very cute--eye candy.

Susan said...

Awwwwww how sweet and precious is that. You are such a loving, thoughtful servant of God. Danny is blessed to have you for his wife.