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Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Voice of My Father

My favorite Hymn is "In The Garden." My favorite hymn is one I remember singing as a little girl in a small Baptist church in Miles City. I especially remember the voice of my Daddy singing this Hymn.

When I was little we used to go as a family to an Indian Reservation and on those occasions my Dad would preach at a church there, and I would play the piano. He and my sister would lead the singing. Why this one is so memorable to me I don't know....I remember him singing so many songs. I always thought he sounded a lot like Jim Reeves, and I say that because we had some Jim Reeves albums in our collection filed behind the likes of the Sons of the Pioneers and Mahalia Jackson, and the record of Old Yellar was in their somewhere as well. My Dad's voice was one that I loved and still do as I think of it.

Daddy was and is so many things to me. The love I have in my heart for him now was there when I was little, the admiration as well. While Daddy did so many things for us a family, and worked so hard, as I recall his singing this hymn, I am profoundly reminded of the importance of the voice of the father. What Daddy says in a home matters. Who Daddy is matters. How he attends to his family matters. And in my adult years when I transitioned to being a big girl, I began to need the voice of my heavenly Daddy more and more and more. I saw how my Heavenly Daddy-God my Father had His watchful eye on me, his faithful hand upon my shoulder, and can see how His heart has shepherded me over hills and valleys, and through murky and sometimes fast moving waters. I am sure that the voice of my Heavenly Father was indeed saying, "Yes Kathy, I do walk with you and I am talking with are mine. I will never leave you I will never forsake you."

What my earthly Father was doing was simply singing the song Jesus would sing over each one of us. He echoed the heart of the One who made both of us. Sing on Dads, sing the heart of the Father God over your children. Sing it in your homes, sing it because it's for you too. Happy Father's Day to Dads, my Dad, the Daddy in our home who really can sing too, and thank you for your voice in our lives.


Susan said...

Fabulous!!! What a great post. I am sitting here wiping the tears as I read this outloud to Mickey & I. Oh what a Heavenly Father we have. I've always said it was not hard for me to believe in and accept a Heavenly Father because I had such a loving earthly father who demonstrated God's love to me and to everyone else his life ever touched.

Have a great one celebrating today.

Kathy said...

Thank you Susan, and a heart felt hug to you as you both celebrate together!

Mari said...

Wonderful post! My Dad loves Jim Reeves and has many of his records. Your thoughts of our Heavenly Father are especially touching.

Elizabeth said...

I lovethis post Kathy! I too am so grateful for all of the Dad's in my life.

Nancy said...

Zephaniah 3:17 NIV

17 The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save.
He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing."

My Daddy sang In The Garden, as well...Many are too young to remember Tennessee Ernie Ford...My daddy sounded much like him and he played Amazing Grace on the harmonica...and could whistle songs as well, clearly and brightly...But best of all was his ability to communicate to me personally how much he loved me...and the total assurance of his protection...I thank my Father in Heaven for sending me His "picture" that will be forever imprinted on my heat!

Kathy said...

Nancy, I love the verse you referenced. Understanding the depth of God's love for me has been the most liberating point in my life. I came to the Lord at an early age, but this life-changing understanding came to me in my twenties. I had "written" many pages in my own life's book that God was able to rip-out because they were based on things that simply were not true. I hope that makes some kind of sense.

I love how you reflected your Father in your comment. What a wonderful thing.