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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Loving to Learn; Learning to Serve

Tonight the children, Danny and I went up to our church and helped with Vacation Bible School Props and set-up. Bethany and I did outlining of the painted props. Daniel helped sort screws and put them in the supports for the props that Danny and the guys were putting together. Plus we had pizza together and just enjoyed seeing the others as we went about our work.

This is part of it for us. What would it profit if they only love to learn. We are also teaching them to learn to at home, and in our place of worship. While we did not have a great desire to leave the rest and relaxation of our home, we all agreed it was wonderful to help. We remembered the passage in the Bible when it was written, "When you've done it for one of these, you've done it as unto me." We thought of the children that Jesus loves that will be coming to Vacation Bible School and the joy of participating in what Jesus would do for those children.


Susan said...

Ah yes!!!!

TraciG said...

Many times when Scott and I were loading the kids up on Wednesday evenings to head to town for High School small groups, we dreaded another trip to town and another night out of the house. But when it was all said and done, we enjoyed the interaction with the students and learned an awful lot in the process. We were always glad we made the effort after it was over. And who knows what the seeds that were planted will yield some day. It's up to God to fertilize and water them into his kind of fruit. Serving is always a blessing, even if sometimes there's a bit of a delay!

Kathy said...

That's good Traci. I know we've all heard the expression, "It's caught more than taught." The things I remember about our childhood are the many times I was with my Mom and Dad serving somehow-whether through a Bible Study, visiting a family who was quite poor, etc. Ministry meant being mobile and in motion. At times it was hard for me to sit and wait for Mom to be "ready" to go, but now I see that was when I was doing all the "catching".