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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Goodnight And Good News!

The funnies at my house was after prayer time tonight Daniel was crying a little with his face buried in his pillow. I asked him what was the matter, and he eeked out, "You hurt my feelings!" Then, kinda like a gopher popping his head up out of a hole, he sat up, dried the tears and said in a most congenial tone, "but the good news is, I know what 16 plus 16 is!" "Really!", I said, trying hard not to laugh. I wasn't aware things could get so good so fast! Well, so I need to explain carrying tomorrow, as he left his Mr. Ten out in the dark with no where to go. I think that God puts Moms and kiddos together at bedtime because the funny things they say are like His gigantic eraser to anything else that may have gone wrong during the day.

Note from the editor
: It can only go up from here. Since my original post, Bethany got sick in the night, and Daniel's battery operated car is going off in Danny's desk drawer where I've hidden it to mask the sound following my search and rescue mission in the bowels of his toy shelf. Daniel slept through both events of course.


Dan said...

Good morning. Maybe our son has a future in the advertising business. You should point out that he has never seen the GICO commercial.

Kathy said...

You're right! He has not, but of course I had not seen that one either. : ) We miss you 'round here. School happened! : )

Mary Lee said...

Hope Bethany is better!

Kathy said...

Much, thanks Mary Lee. Seems it was short lived, and the battery has since died out on the squealy car. Simply had to endure as there was not a phillips handy. Thanks for was just me and old Dan-Dan for a while!!!