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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tying Up Loose Ends

I really did go to the zoo with my two on our last day of school (See my post from 5/29/09). I really did clean my pantry about 3 weeks ago....and it's still clean. Oh, I guess that happened 5/30/09. Just seems like 3 weeks ago! We really did go to Georgia for a quick vacation to celebrate Danny's Mom's 70th Birthday. (Of course that will be it's own post.) As for the other items mentioned, here are the pictures to prove it! Ah, the beauty of digital photography.


Kristi said...

I'll pay you in coffee to do that to my pantry!!

Mari said...

I love the zebra photo and must admit to some envy when I see you nice pantry!

Susan said...

Great pictures.

Oh how I wish my pantry looked like that!! Oh, that's right I don't even have a pantry.....but I think your picture has motivated me to try and get the 3 !!!!! (yes 3) areas in my home where I have cans and items stashed into some order.

Thanks for the motivation. I sense some before and after pictures and some work in the offing.

Nancy said...

I LOVE the digi pic revolution...We can all be great photographers and the picture album will never be the same! Actually I love the computer revolution! Virtual messiness is much easier to contain as well as having a world of ideas right at your...shall we say...finger tips!

Kathy said...


Mari, if we ever have to depart this particular home I shall miss the pantry fiercely. I am able to store large items as well as food on accessible shelves.

Susan-go for it! I can't wait to see the before and after. Whether it be 3 areas or 1 pantry. : )

Nancy, now if I could get all my music charts on the computer I would be in great shape. That will be one major project!

Mary Lee said...

I was really tempted to mess up your pantry while you were gone..hehehe. But I didn't...that would have been really mean. Glad you are back!

kymber said...

Beautiful pictures! I LOVE the zoo!

Your pantry looks great - makes me want to try to organize mine now. Looks like you have a great amount of space to work with - lucky girl!

Thanks for the wonderful color suggestions you gave me for my dining room dilemma. What a great idea you had about finding the perfect reds for that room!

I appreciate your great ideas - I will post pictures of the finished results when I get brave enough to finish it up. :-)

Have a great day today!