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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

From Foundation to Fortress

Tonight as I was praying over Bethany I was thinking of the foundation that we are laying down in her life in teaching her how to love the Lord, to fear Him in the greatest and most wonderful way (and that is possible).
I don't know if this is a good analogy or not, but as I'm writing this now I'm thinking of an ice cube. The three states of water are solid, liquid and gas. Yes, a cube of ice is a solid block of frozen water. Right now we're handing her a solid cube-the knowledge of the Lord, fearing Him and keeping His ways and commands. These are things we're teaching both of the children. They are precepts. A solid cube has the potential to turn into a liquid state. Her love for the Lord and her expression of that love and devotion to His ways will have to be hers.....hence, the changing of the solid form to the liquid form. They are hers now, but time-proven truths must be tested, and that happens through the living out of our daily lives.

As I prayed I also realized that the foundation becomes a fortress as these seeds of truth are sown, grown, and tested in her life. I was so encouraged to remember these very things while praying as I know that the days and years ahead....well, the Lord knows what they contain. Even as a parent the choice is mine; I can go from foundation to fear, or to Fortress.


Gina Stinson said...

Thanks for sharing this...I feel the same way. What an awesome blessings to teach and lead these children to walk with the Lord.

Nancy said...

Remember the past Grasshopper...always standing firm in the promises of God...Soon you will be entering the netherlands of teendom with your children and there will be many an opportunity to fear! But, I am totally convinced of this one thing...Through your God you shall do valiantly! As you step into these years...always remember and never forget...A mighty fortress is our God! On the other side you will emerge with your God truly becoming their God as they learn to hear His voice and trust Him on their own!

Kathy said...

Nancy, I think of this believe me, and yes.....I think that's why the Lord showed me the foundation to fortress thing and to pray that....that yes, they will come out on the other side and learn to trust Him on their own.

Gina, praying for each other is such an opportunity and a great need. Blessings as you go about Motherhood with yours too.