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Friday, February 27, 2009


It's about perspective. This afternoon I have been happily doing something I don't get to do in leisure very often-bake a batch of cookies, whip up my favorite chicken tettrazini recipe....while the children and their two fun buddies play in the back yard. And boy, have they played!!! They have had a blast. Now, I doubt my efforts toward this meal will make any kind of impression on them, but it's a day I feel like I could remember forever: joy in fresh oatmeal raisin cookies, their voices punctuating the air like a flower at its peak of fragrance. The combination thereof, both sounds and smells, has created for me a beautiful perspective that I shall long remember. What will be their recollection? Because of their childhood perspectives I doubt they would hold on to the memories the same as I. How good of God to set our perspective-from childhood to adulthood. It changes as do the seasons, but never forgetting each one can be seen as a precious gift .


Brenda said...

Taking the time to enjoy the everyday little things I think brings the biggest pleasures. And keep us in the 'now' and away from fretting about tomorrow.
Have a great weekend!

kymber said...

Hi Kathy,
The happiest days of my life were spent doing what you are doing - spending time in the kitchen preparing food for the ones that I love. Believe me - your kids will remember fondly the memories of having you in the kitchen more than anything else. Now that my kids are older they often tell me about the comfort that it gave them to have a mom who stayed home and devoted time and love to them in the kitchen. They often say to me - "mom remember when you made ... I am so homesick and can't wait to come home to have some homecooked meals"!

My son - who recently moved back home with us said to me the other day, "There is nothing better than coming home from school to a beautiful home, sitting and doing my homework and smelling chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven. You don't know how much I missed that!"
I think that says it all don't you think?

You are a good mom - and they will arise and call you blessed one day! Good job mom!

Susan said...

So important for us to live in the moment. I think of it as "Day tight days". Enjoying that day for what it holds and savoring every bit of it. Even the occasionaly bad ones, knowing it is just a "Day".

Kathy said...

Kymber, thanks for those wonderfully encouraging words. I am so very thankful that my Mom was home when I was young-even through high school-I was still young then too! My Mom was a single Mom from my age of 12 until 21, and my Dad provided wonderfully for us so that my Mom would not have to work. Because of that, my difficult adjustment was made so much easier by Mom being home!!!

Kathy said...

Susan-I have this feeling that the Lord really wants us to savor and take in "a day". As both you and Brenda mentioned, in its simplicity-whether that be good or bad. Perspective from His view! : )

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I think the followers button on your blog looks okay. It blends in. I actually changed my whole background today and I'm okay with the new button now. I still prefer it the old way, but can handle it with a different background. Love your blog, looks great. I'll be back!!

Keelie said...

When I read your post, I thought about this:
Here's to savoring many more of "those days"!

Kathy said...

Keelie, I loved it! The phrase, "the greatness of what you are building when no one sees." As she went on to write, we don't want to build a monument to ourselves. Great link, thank you!!!