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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Just Have To

Every now and then I'm blessed with a more up close and personal glimpse of my children: their loves, desires, and their dreams. Welcome to my house, and the end of another day.

I open daughter's sketch book to find drawings, her efforts at writing in Arabic (to the best of her memory), and my favorite: her and her brother's future plans. Daniel has scrapped his plans to be an astronaut in order that he can become a carpenter and help his sister build their own farm houses.So here goes, her spelling and all.

What would we like to be:

Bethany. Meninite farmer.
Daniel. Mininite farmer and Carpender.

Where would we like to live:

Bethany. Wyoming
Daniel. Wyoming
Wish List:

Electric stove and oven.
Donkeys and mules.
A Camel.
Guiny Pigs
Water basin.
Big wooden tub.
99 acres of land.
Little wooden tub.
A barn.
Two log houses
A hunting licence.
Wooden fences.
Fishing licence.
Chicken coop.
A nice lake
Two under ground pools.
2 bikes.
A carpender shop.
Thick woods.
A garden.
2 farms.
A pine tree place.
12 adopted children (This one is my favorite.)
A T.V.-no cable.
A Telaphone.
I wouldn't change this list for anything. I wouldn't edit the spelling for anything. And I wouldn't trade my Heavenly Father's calling as Mother and Mentor for anything in the world.


Mari said...

I love it! That list is so complete right down to a hunting license. I notice they need 2 pools though - one for each? Very cute!

Susan said...

This says so much and says it all, Kathy. What a wonderful mother you are and how blessed your two kiddo's are.

~Ginger said...

Isn't that just priceless. You will read this over and over and treasure it I'm sure. I still look back at the thing of my girls and smile at the memory of that moment.

Nancy said...

The 12 adopted absolute necessity for a Mennonite farm in Wyoming...some one has to chop the wood...*: )

Kathy said...

Indeed, Nancy. I think I'd love to visit that farm someday. : )

Elizabeth said...

This is so cute! How did you manage to raise a little country girl right in the middle of the big city :) ?

Kathy said...

I know, Liz. This girl has a love for God's beautiful creation that beats all.

Andi said...

LOL! Well as speaking from on in Wyoming, you will need those children to drive the truck to actually find the fire wood....LOL.

Wonderful List!

Kathy said...

Oh boy, well...I'll let her make that little discovery. So funny and wonderful how their minds work.

Kristi said...

This is definitely a 'keep forever'! Why did it make me cry? I'm such a sucker (right here in the big city)!!

Pam said...

Precious, precious, precious! And I really liked
tel-A-phone. It reminded me of a joke that I've heard several preachers use. "What are the best forms of communication?
1) Telegraph
2) Television
3) Telephone
4) Tele A Woman!