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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The humor of Understanding Art

Daniel bumps into a beautiful painting twice today while getting up from the school table. When am I ever going to get those pictures hung? And where am I going to put that one? My favorite picture is propped up against the wall next to his chair. It's a painting given to me by an artist friend of mine who lives in Nashville, Tennessee. She painted it during a worship session I was leading at a conference two years ago, and it's beautiful.

Exasperated after the second time he exclaims, "Mom, could you p l e a s e move this Oil on Canvas???" He's exasperated. I'm undone. (Hooray, our art class is sticking! He knew what to call it.) Oh, the humor of understanding art; the beauty of homeschooling.


Susan said...

Not many young boys would even understand those words, much less speak them. I'm inpressed with both of you!!!

Mari said...

You better get it hung, and then show us a picture of the Oil on Canvas!

Can do mom said...

Oil on canvas... Impressive indeed. Love it! My 10yo ds is continually cracking me up with his humor, some intentional, some not.

Nothing like our children to get after us to get our jobs done, huh? Like Mari said, hang it up and show us a photo!

Kathy said...

I MUST hang it up!!! (Now it's time to charge the camera battery!) Isn't it just like moving to take the spontanaity out of blogging. Drats!

Pam said...

cute! I have a bunch of stuff on my office floor waiting to be hung! Ugh!

Trish said...