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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On Bethany's 11th Birthday

My little lovely, age 11. Lovely's little brother with a glimmer in his eyes.

Bethany's decided her smile looks pretty this way. I agree. Daniel looks like he's up to something. I agree.

This is after we went to Denny's for Bethany's birthday lunch. Bethany is thinking that she enjoys being eleven. Daniel's thinking about dessert!

Danny and I are so blessed.


Susan said...

Yes, you are blessed and so are they having parents like you & Danny. I put this picture in my pictures!!!! Now I feel even closed to you guys. Why don't you post a nice picture of you and Danny so I can have it too?!!!

Mari said...

Happy Birthday Bethany!

Brenda said...

Happy birthday to a beautiful girl with a beautiful smile!