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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Finding the Edge of Your Skeleton

Today I had this conversation with my son:

"Mom, you know how in a skeleton there're holes for the eyes?" Me: "Yes?" "Well, I just found the edge of my skeleton. (I loved that!) See....???" Son proceeds to rub his eyes and then we talk about why the skeleton is needed and how it protects the eyes. All in one swift moment brought to me by the beauty of homeschooling. Thank you, Lord. 

In homeschooling, and in living, each day may be  filled with seemingly ordinary moments about common things of which you may know much about.  Today, however, the commonly known  becomes the launch pad for my question. Have you found the edge of your skeleton? Of course, I'm speaking metaphorically.  To be more specific, what is the most recent ordinary and common thing for which God, your Creator, has given you a fresh appreciation?  I'd love to hear about the edge of YOUR skeleton!  

Ask the Lord to show you a new and fresh detail of an aspect in your everyday life  that often appears mundane and routine, and then give Him great thanks!


Susan said...

Wonderful, moments and gifts of our wonderful God.

Mari said...

Makes me smile just reading this!