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Monday, January 13, 2014

Dear Mary Lee, Day 1

The next  posts, which I hope to write daily, will be in honor of our one and only best family friend ever on the planet, any planet, actually, Mary Lee Glassburn.  Mary Lee, following chemo and radiation for esophageal cancer, recently went through a very serious surgery: an all-out esophageal remodel! It's not nearly as unexciting as I just made it sound. It's....well, Mary Lee will have to fill in that blank someday.
Anyway,  when our family went on an 8 week trip to Georgia about 3 years ago, Mary Lee wrote daily posts called  The Vacation Chronicles, and posted of her daily events in our absence. I should mention she house sat for us as well.  So, in her honor and during each day of recovery, I'm writing Dear Mary Lee posts. It'd better not take 8 weeks of her being in the hospital, by the way! We miss her terribly, and we're praying for her full recovery and healing.

Dear Mary Lee, Day One:

I  transported your humorous self to the hospital for a 6 a.m. checking with an 8 a.m. scheduled surgery. Much of our discussion prior to that was whether or not I should pick you up at your house,
 or if you should meet me here and leave your car. We eventually decided that you would come here, and then we could keep our eyeballs on your car. A couple of times I've look outside of our kitchen window which faces the cul de sac and I have seen your car. Your lovely orange Element! It's so you!  Anyway, as I have seen your car, it's been my God-reminder to pray. Yes, pray. Even more than I'm already doing so.  Each time I drive into the cul de sac, the sight of your car brings me comfort.We miss you. Your car is cool. Hurry up and get well soon!

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Mari said...

Mary Lee certainly is dear, and she has lots of people praying for her!