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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dear Mary Lee, Day 8

Yesterday, was park day for our family. Daniel stayed home because he had a cold, but Bethany went and then she had a dog training session with Carly at which Bethany was there to assist and learn. Danny took her to the session as I was having a Mary Lee visit.

Yesterday, I came up after your bronchoscopy. They found no mass and the secretions were minimal. They sampled those and sent them off to see what they look like....looking for infection etc.  Of course, we're praying that it will be minimal. We should know by Sunday or Monday on the results.  I had Colleen call and check in on your nurse, just kind of quiz her, just throws me a little when they're  young looking....I just wanted to make sure you had the best.  She was very pleased with who you had. Said she was matter of fact and straight forward, and that ER nurses, even when they're young and fresh out of school, are excellent nurses and are usually kind of cutting edge.  That brought me lots of comfort.

While I was there, I opened my Bible to read, and came upon the scripture where Jesus was explaining to His disciples to continue to pray and not give up hope. That was a good word for ALL of us!

You got a new bed yesterday.....a blow-up mattress type of a bed. You look SO much more comfortable.  You also stood up for a little today which I think wore you slap-out!

I came back in the evening for about an hour, and you asked to have your phone plugged in with the blistex nearby. :)  I moved fluffy brown dog to the table so it wouldn't be in your way. It felt SO great to be with you yesterday.

I've come to love your family even more.

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Mari said...

I'm so glad to hear of each improvement! Thanks for the update.