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Friday, October 10, 2008

Pray Like a Flood

A gnawing feeling that keeps growing....pray, pray like a flood. Pray like a flood for a President who still has weeks ahead to be covered in prayer. The names of others are touted and shouted out as future comes closer. While I am certainly not even a novice in maritime affairs, I have had this sense that the final weeks of the current administration are akin to guiding a great vessel into harbor. As I did a bit of reading it became clear that our role to continue to pray for President Bush has not diminished. Once removed from the safety of ocean depths, the great vessels are subject to the unseen still lying below the surface of the water. Less the pomp and circumstance of more glorious days we watch and we pray.


howcouldiaskformore said...

Hi Kathy! Good to hear from you, love your posts! We missed you last week at church and we are off to Disneyland tomorrow, so we'll have to catch up soon. Miss you my friend...

Kathy said...

So good to have you come by and read, Liz. Have a wonderful time as a family, and I'll look forward to some time together when you return. Fun and safe travels!!