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Friday, March 13, 2009

Cutest Baby Pictures Ever!!!

These photos are compliments of my Dad and Stepmom, Gus and Karen Glasscock, who farm and ranch in Cohagen, Montana. Karen gave me thumbs up on posting these, for which I am so grateful. They were taken during this years' calving season. For those who may not know, being a rancher during calving season is like being an OB that never goes off call for several weeks. As for the sled ride.....not for pleasure, those newborns just needed to get out of the cold and back to their Moms. What an ingenious way to accomplish an important task. Kudos to those who make their living on the range.(And what do ya' make of those earmuffs!)


Mary Lee said...

Who is that masked cow? A new super hero taking slashed Larry-Boys place?

Susan said...

Thanks for sharing and explaining. Loved the ear-muffs!!!

Montana Clamity said...

We enjoyed seeing the pictures again. The music was beautiful; we would like to know more about it.
Love Dad and Karen

Kathy said...

Karen, I love you pic! It's great!!Speaking of pics, we're all enjoying these, and I'm so glad you came by to pay the babies a visit. :)

Music: if it's the last Youtube video, the credit belongs to Cynthia Clawson. I'm not sure how old the recording is as I got it from Youtube Videos. The 2nd is a Jeremy Camp Video also from Youtube. I finally learned how to include them on my posts, so I am trying not to go crazy with them, but I definitely could!
Love you guys! Coffee time!!! (I slept in 'cause I stayed up late!)

Nancy said...

Gotta love those babies!

The only drawback on the have to keep checking to see if they are still available...Some post without permission and then they have to be taken down leaving us with a broken link...

Kathy, that's "LINK" not "LEG"!

Brenda said...

Love Mary Lee's response! Hard work to handle a ranch.

B said...

Those babies are so cute! Gotta love the earmuffs. Who ever came up with that idea? hee hee
Have a great weekend. :) Brenda (the other one)