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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Timeless Wisdom from Charles Spurgeon

I found this through a link on another blog, and love it....especially in light of my last post. This applies, and wonderfully so, to all times and seasons in our lives.

When there was a fire many years ago in the little town of Delft, in Holland, it occurred in a house upon the top of which a stork’s nest had been built. Now, the storks are very affectionate to their young, and it was observed that as the flames went up, the storks tried first of all to carry off their young, but when that could not be done, both parents kept flapping their nests with their wings, as though to cool the young ones, and when the flames drew nearer, both parents set themselves down over the top of the nest and there died with their young ones. Can it be possible that our God could have less affection for his own children than these poor birds had for the offspring of their nest? Impossible! He will cover us with his feathers, and under his wings will we trust; his truth shall be our shield and buckler.
From a sermon entitled "Heart's-Ease," delivered August 27, 1865. Image by aussiegall under Creative Commons License.


Nancy said...

Ah Kathy, what a beautiful reminder...and may the wings of the One no flame can touch, bring comfort to those who need His protection, provision and regeneration in your home town.

TraciG said...

That's a beautiful picture, isn't it? Thanks Kathy, that's a blessing and I may pass on the link to some of my friends if you don't mind.

Kathy said...

Nancy, well said thoughts towards the many in Miles City who are affected.

Traci-go for it. I was amazed that I just happened upon it today while wanting to post some kind of follow-up to the whole incident.

Susan said...

We truly cannot really fanthom the Lord and care our Father God has for us. It's so wonderful to be reminded of this especially in this time in our country.

Irma said...

Amen! It's easy to forget how much God loves us, but He gave the ultimate sacrifice for us (John 3:16)!
Btw - I was born in Delft, Holland! :-)

Kathy said...

That is so cool, Irma.