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Friday, December 11, 2009


The last two weeks we have schooled officially about half-time (at best), and so the next week and a half we plan to pick it up a bit. The big crunch for a couple of projects are out of the way, and I anticipate being able to focus our hearts even more in celebrating our Saviour's birth. Though we do not know or need to know the exact day Jesus was born we find it thrilling to stop and consider how it must've been when Jesus came to earth: that fixed point in time where He came down from glory to His humble yet destined earthly beginnings.

Advent, the Latin word meaning "to come," is one of the things we'll use to draw us closer each day as a family. Most of my ideas came from a book called Advent Activities for Home and School. Advent has already begun, but it's not too late to turn our hearts in a fresh way to the Lord. Here are the activities we'll be doing, Lord willing! Each activity has a Bible Verse to go with it.

1. Make an advent wreath with fresh boughs
2. Make an advent poster with a Bible Verse
3. Make an advent candle
4. Make a Jesse Tree
5. Make a star and an ornament from yarn: the old "yarn glued on the balloon, and pop the balloon when it dries" trick.
6. Make a map of Palestine noting important cities in Jesus' time.
7. Make a Giving Tree by decorating a pinecone like a regular tree
8. Interview an older neighbor who loves Jesus about how she celebrated Christmas. We'll also be taking her home made cookies.(We're especially excited about this one.)
9. Give ourselves to the Lord in our special family way on Christmas Eve
10. Light the Christ Candle and Read the Christmas Story.


Mari said...

I was thinking while reading this that along with the other benefits of homeschooling, is the fact that it makes you learn too. What great things you are delving into this season!

Susan said...

Such a special time and I know you'll make use of every second of it to instill Christ in those 2 precious ones.

tricia said...

great ideas for Advent. I will have to look into getting that book. I think that being able to focus on the true reason for Christmas is what makes homeschooling so much fun this time of year.

Sandra said...

What a wonderful lesson plan. I really like the idea of the map because your children will grasp the story of Christmas and not forget it. This is something that even adults could use and learn from.

I need to find out more about the Jesse Tree. I saw where Tiffany at Southern Sass was using one too and I have never heard of it.

Kathy said...

Sandra, I too like the idea of a Jesse tree because lineage is so important, and a Jesse tree is about the lineage of Jesus. I am really looking forward to this time with the children.

Nancy said...

It's Beginning to Sound a Lot Like Christmas...*: )

Susan said...

Kathy - Please drop by my blog I have just passed an award to you.

Kathy said...

In case anyone is following up, I only did one of these. Oh, time, time, time! : ) The Lord knows and understands.