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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Prodigal Country

Something is tugging at the core of the American Heart and Soul, and it's well expressed in this article by Peggy Noonan called, "The Adam Lambert Problem." I don't often post along what some would consider political lines, but my heart is crying out on the inside for what seems to be surfacing in the general public. (Besides, our lostness isn't political, it's spiritual.)

My question now is, will we turn? Will we repent? We're not satisfied on in the inside , and that's because there's not much Jesus left. Please don't take that wrong. I'm simply saying we've allowed something and someone(s) to erase, corrode and deface why we're here and how we got here. We have lost our way, but it's never too late to look to the author and completer of our faith. The hand and heart of a sovereign Father has brooded over our country, watched over it's formation and beginnings....and like the prodigal we have now wandered. Is this our cry to our Dad? Does this article represent that, "Where is my father? I miss my home!" cry of the prodigal son? I think it does, and now the light of Jesus must shine brighter and brighter....oh may it, so that the world will see and know that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

That's my heart, so I hope you will click the link and read the article.


Mari said...

It's an excellent article. For far too long, we have allowed Hollywood instead of the Bible to direct our values.

Mel said...

Very good article Kathy. And yes, something is very wrong in America. Like you I wonder when enough will be enough and Christians will begin to stand up for Jesus and for Truth. Thanks for sharing Kathy.

Susan said...

We are losing our country. The foundations (which were Biblical and Christ based) are crumbling. I so appreciate your posting this and I'll go read the link.

Susan said...

Back from reading this. Thank goodness for the few in the national arena who will speak out about these things. I did not see the incident spoken of, we are not exposed to much of that BY CHOICE of what we watch, but I pity those who do and especially the children. I cannot begin to tell you what a different world it is today from the one I was brought up in. Oh Lord, I pray we Christians will arise and say, "Enough is ENOUGH!!!"

Brenda said...

I'll go over and read the article, but my comment first is that we (the people) have been so entranced by charisma & charm (my interpretation--arrogance and narcissism) that it has deceived the masses, which is why 50% of America voted the way they did. Deception is one of the signs of the end times.