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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I follow Apologia on Facebook where they recently posted this fascinating link. This is what happens to water when it lands in more water. Apologia is the publisher of a well-loved Homeschool Science Curriculum.

I am still pondering the spiritual application.

Definition: coalesce - To come together so as to form one whole; unite (from Latin coalescere com- 'together' + alescere 'to grow up') "When it coalesces waves are generated...."


Mari said...

Wow - that is amazing!

Kathy said...

I also love THEIR amazement as they watch. The things God knows and planned that are so amazing and complex, but to the natural eye is not obvious.

Susan said...

Wow the Spiritual implications in that are vast and deep. My mind is going off like a "string of Christmas lights" as Mickey likes to tell me!!!!!

You must write more about that on the Spiritual level Kathy.

God is in EVERYTHING and the more we know and learn, about HIM, the more we know and learn just how much He is in EVERYTHING. Thank God He lives in us!!!!!!!

Kathy said...

Susan, I love Mickey's response because that is exactly what happens! It's not just one light bulb going on it's MANY!

It's going to take some time to digest everything, spiritually speaking. And yes, there is a wealth of application. (I especially loved how in AWE these grown, educated men were at a simple yet eternally complex drop of water!) It was great. So glad you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

HMMMMMM - my heart ponders this also.... I love it!

tricia said...

great video. I agree it is great how in amazed these men are with God's handy work. Thanks for sharing and giving me something to ponder.

Kathy said...

Tricia, I miss you! How great to hear from you. I hope all is well. I too love this video.

Pam said...

It is purely amazing!
I chuckled at Susan's sharing of Mickey's analogy- "going off like a string of Christmas tree lights." I love it when something triggers that in me!