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Friday, March 5, 2010


Reshk, frishk, shuskkk, lushk, sheshkk, dushkk, dushkk. "THIS! NOW THIS IS A PLANET BLASTER!!! he says. More frushk, sheshkk, dushka, sheshk. "Now, you don't want to mess with THAT! It will explode!!!" Lego builders thinking, building, announcing, as the colorful pegged blocks go scooting across the wooden table making sounds that defy all sense of phonics. Bass-voiced Daddy eeks out Be Thou My Vision in squeaky pitched hum. "Achoo!" Beautiful blonde reads and sneezes simultaneously, thereby displaying her future career as a mother in multitasking. This is the sound on the other side of the wall behind me. This is the sound of a Family Night. Click, click, click, go Momma's fingers across the keys as the sights that go with the sounds, though not visible to her, fuel her flame. The flame of joy and love that glimmers and grows in the night, this night. Gotta go now. Gotta go see! : ) I just can't stand not seeing it!


tricia said...

sounds a little like my house today. My oldest was coughing and doing his boy scout merit badge. My other two were busy building with legos.

Enjoy your Family night!

Kathy said...

Fun, Tricia. It's fun to imagine your family doing the same as ours. My husband is as big of a lego lover as my son. Daughter-a reader extraordinaire! : ) Isn't being a mother fun!?! Blessings, Tricia.

Kathy said...

I should also add that Danny, a.k.a. Dad, was the one announcing his latest lego building accomplishment. He's incredible! : )

Kristi said...

I can totally picture that scene! Love it!

Kathy said...

Kristi, it's a scene coming soon to your own home....just wait til your little fella sprouts those running legs! Hugs, girl.