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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Family Fun, Family Exhaustion!

We have had a wonderful day today. It began with a celebration of our best friend's, Mary Lee's, birthday. Coffee, Bagels, Carrot Cake, and in that order I must add. Add in a quick garage sale run: new prize, Bethany's kite.

Then, after sending Danny off to Atlanta for time with his Daddy, we contemplated, briefly contemplated, yard work. Somehow it was pushed back, shoved, no, quite frankly ignored in lieu of a hike with our neighbors.

Up the large, large, rough and stony hill, a.k.a.
(to the every day desert dweller,) switchback after switchback, and hill after rocky hilly,.....huff puff, mountain!.... we went, and then descended. Length of course: 4 miles. Time to complete: 3 hrs. One tumble and several pitstops later, we arrived back at the parking lot to our CAR!!!! We almost kissed it!

We then proceeded IMMEDIATELY to Sonic for slushies and cherry limeades. Finished those just in time to walk in the door for a young man's haircut. But wait, there's more!

Then, we spontaneously invited a few friends out to Deer Valley Airport Restaurant in honor of Mary Lee's birthday. There were 11 of us, and a fun time was had by absolutely everyone. On the way home Daniel said, "I love Mary Lee."....and he meant it. I told him, "We all do!"

Did I mention I was able to capture a shot of my two favorite hikers on one of their pitstops today?


Mari said...

What a busy day! Sounds like you worked off that birthday food!

Can do mom said...

Your busy day sounds like a fun one! I'm impressed that your two children were smiling during such a long trek. :) Sonic slushees sound like the perfect way to cap off an arduous adventure. ;)

Susan said...

Sounds wonderful and I adored the picture of the kiddo's.

Homeschool Mama said...

Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL busy day! I can't wait for nice weather so we can go on a hike. Now that I am feeling better and (almost) back to normal. Love your posts!

Kathy said...

Interesting, becaue my Pastor spoke on mountains today....all that for another post! (Homeschool Mama, I am so happy to hear from you. I've been praying for you!)

Elizabeth said...

What a great day, and that picture is adorable!!!

Brenda said...

Beautiful kiddos!
I'm sure the weather was great for you and not too hot yet?
I have family in Mesa, Glendale, and Peoria.

Kathy said...

Brenda, the weather was beautiful. Our heated bodies made up for any discomfort due to temperatures. I have had some cool talks with my children about mountains, running the race, endurance as a Christian, etc., since our hike yesterday.