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Saturday, March 27, 2010

No Pictures Included!

Calling all blogging friends, HELP! I feel totally disorganized in just about every area of life! I cannot seem to get on top of it all.

I still am not totally unpacked (put in it's place kind) from our Georgia trip. I feel and AM behind in planning for Easter Worship, (I'm not feeling a TON of direction from the Lord in this area...what's that all about?) School has been out of kilter for weeks now (yes, we homeschool) due to a few weeks in Georgia, company here, and the like, I have two out of town worship events this month tucked in after Easter (what was I thinking???), my music needs to be filed and sorted and tossed, I am not being the encouraging wife I need to be, perhaps not the attentive mother I need to be, and I'm not sure how to climb this mountain of Life that is looming about me. Get the picture? I feel overwhelmed.

I know that in the morning my perspective will be different as it usually is at the start of the day. But the fact of the matter is, this post pretty much tells it like it is. I'm not scratching or digging for encouragement as much as I am saying, I feel buried: please pray. Really, I am asking the Lord for the why's behind the what's, and the how's to change it. Mostly, the how's to change it. I either need to go on a life diet or get a bigger plate. Does one exist?


Kathy said...

Apologies all over the place. I know this post seems more on the negative side, but I just want it to be truthful. Just grin and pray!

Mari said...

No need to apologize! I think we have all had this overwhelmed feeling from time to time, and I for one, just hate it!
One of the blessings of blogging is that there are people who will pray for you.
I'll be praying that you get direction in what you need to do, and that you will know what steps you need to start with. Also praying for a refreshing time of worship today!

Susan said...

First, Don't be so hard on yourself. You, and yours, have just gone through one of those life upsetting times and it's understandable that things would get off base.

Second, Inch by inch it's a cinch!!! A little dumb saying, but it holds so much truth. Just do the first immediate thing in front of you that needs your attention, when that is DONE, then go on to the next. It is impossible to do it all at once.

Third, Although this really should be first.....know that God has it all undercontrol, and that my dear Kathy, includes you!!!!

Fourth, One of the things I constantly tell myself and have since I was a young teenager and first read it (you KNOW that's a long time ago!!) "Will it make any difference 100 years from now, or 10 years from now, or 10 days from now or even tomorrow?" Truly this helps me get things back in prospective.

Well, since you asked you KNEW I would have to fall into "Mother mode".

Love you and you know I am, and will be praying.

Gina Stinson said...

Oh my goodness!

First, please know I am praying. I know when I get that way, I feel much the same as you do.

You've had some pretty large life-events recently. I'm pretty certain your life will fall back into line. You're a good wife and good mom. Don't let the enemy tell you otherwise. All the other stuff...the organizing, the school, the unpacking - it'll be there!

Hoping your hours multiply as you need them to!

Love you!

Can do mom said...

Kathy, please don't apologize. Don't let Satan trick you into believing that you can't be honest and share what's on your heart once in a while. As a fellow homeschool mom I feel your pain. Really. Sincerely. Many days that post could have come straight from me.

I have a hunch I'm REALLY going to be relating to what you've written very soon because after a five week break, the girls and I are packing up from our Florida trip and heading home tomorrow. Dh and ds (dear husband and dear son) flew out last Thursday and we're bringing up the rear. We have all the packing and loading to do which was my idea. I didn't want to lose our last day or two together as a family with packing so I decided to wait until the very end.

I have a hunch I will have a messy home waiting for me (but I could be wrong!) that needs to be cleaned. Then there will be unpacking, lots-o-laundry to do and reorganization. Still, I'm looking forward to getting home and diving in. I love a challenge and that's how I view the "landing process".

Dear Sister in Christ, I will pray that you find peace and joy in your day. My only advice would be if you are not being the wife and mom you want to be, start there. Do not let the other stuff, as important as it may be, distract you from what matters for eternity. If you need to let go of other things to make that happen then pray about it and talk it over with your husband and start chopping! I've been there, so busy with other obligations that my relationships at home began to feel the strain. The Holy Spirit whispered in my ear that a key prayer ministry that He had birthed through me and a few others at our church would have to be relinquished. I eventually let it go, kicking and screaming! It's not easy but we have different seasons and I had to recognize that now is not my season for many extra involvements.

I've got a serious situation that I am facing and I don't know much about fasting but that is what I am looking into doing. If you are searching and need the Lord's guidance I have heard that fasting can lead to breakthroughs. I don't know if you are able to fast, it's just a thought. Heck, I don't even know if I am able to fast! (I've never tried it for more than a single day.)

I am praying for you.

Your Sister in Christ,

Kristi said...

Oh, how I love you!

And I may feel this way more often than not. I love what Susan said, "Inch by inch, it's a cinch!" I've heard that before, but it's a great reminder for all of us overloaded moms (and the 17 other hats we wear). Praying, truly.

Keelie said...

I know how that feels kathy--not fun. You are right about the better perspective in the morning! I know that to be true--unfortunately even new perspective doesn't put away the clothes! ha!

Love you and praying for you

Nancy said...

Well...sounds like you are definitely a people....*: ) Take a deep breath and let it out slooooooowly. Step back and remember all you really HAVE to do is breath...all else is optional. If you're still breathing you can decide what else you can handle. If the answer is nothing you're done for the moment...count it a victory and check again later...

Elizabeth said...

I am praying for you my dear friend! I love what everyone else has ditto! You are doing a great job, you are a great mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, worship leader. I could go on and on!!! I love you and hope you feel a little better about things today:o)

Brenda said...

I really don't think a bigger plate will be the answer (love your analogy btw!). There's just more room on it to fill.
All I can say is God then family. Besides giving yourselves time get thru the trying times you've been thru.
That's the beauty of homeschooling as well, they're learning more than you know thru all of this.
God bless!

Mary Lee said...

Ditto to all the above comments. If I can help in any way just give me a holler, or an instant message or a text message or.....

Pam said...

Sorry I'm just now getting to read this. I whispered a prayer for you in any case. I so appreciate your transparancy here. I didn't take it at all as being negative.