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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Memories are Being Made Here

"Mom, where should I hide the Pecan Pie?" Bethany asks. Mom chuckles. "That is a very good question," I reply. Hearing his sister's wonderings Daniel contributes what is sure to be a brilliant idea. "I know! We can hide it in MY room!" Over ruled. Was he serious?

See, about three years ago perhaps what was possibly the world's most delicious Pecan pies ever baked was resting comfortably on my counter. Tomorrow was Thanksgiving Day, and company was coming! Sure, I bought it at Costco. Sure, it was not home-made, but to this very day we've searched high and low for a pie that compared, and we've yet to find it. You can imagine my dismay when I saw what appeared to be a missing piece of pie, my Pecan Pie: blessed and highly favored! However, it was no mirage, it was true; someone had eaten a piece of the Pecan. My Pecan pie-loving husband had stumbled upon a gold mine! He was guilty as charged, and was happy about it! Hence,the critical question of the evening was asked, "Mom, where should I hide the Pecan Pie?"

Twas the night before Thanksgiving, 2010:

I'll never forget the sound of our combined laughter as we walked out of the store after I'd pulled the mystery item that had attached itself to the inside of my jacket sleeve ; my scotch-brite scrubber! It was an uninvited guest to be sure. The shock and the look on my face must've been something. Add in the laughter from the onlooking mother whose cart had intersected with mine in my exit and multiply it by the laughter of three tired people who are crazy about each other, and you have the beginning of a memory none of you will soon forget.

What memories are being made at your house this year? What will you carry from this year to your memory book to open again next Thanksgiving? Ever noticed how memories seem to take on an almost golden hue as the years pass? Whether it's a missing piece of tomorrow's pie, or a forest green scotch-brite scrubber that's attached itself to your clothing, laugh! Chalk up the memories! Make the tired nights a joy to recall. Recount God's goodness. Remember His faithfulness. As you circle about your table this year, and in the years to come, never stop giving thanks. Yes, we will be talking about the missing piece of Pecan pie for years to come. And next year we'll add one from this year's grocery shopping trip for Thanksgiving dinner. Give thanks. Your blessings and mine are more than we deserve.


Susan said...

LOVE this post. It represents what family, love, fun, togetherness, etc. is all about. For all of those things and soooo much more I am thankful. I am thankful for my "blog" friendship with you and Danny which so far transends the blog and lives in the "spiritual". Love you guys!!!

Mari said...

Those are the memories that make a family! It's fun to have those things that you were all a part of and can laugh together about.
Happy Thanksgiving!

TraciG said...

The kiddos woke up early (of course)and came in to snuggle, so we had a long conversation about what we were thankful for! Precious memories! Have a great day Kath! Enjoy that pecan pie!

Pam said...

That was beautiful! I love reading anything you write!

Anonymous said...

Just a bit behind on my commenting. I love this post. It's fitting for Christmas as well as Thanksgiving. We, too, have funny family happenings that get brought up each year. I loved watching my daughters serve up a traditional Thanksgiving dinner just the way my grandmother cooked it all those years ago.

Yes, we are more than blessed my friend. Thank you for reminding me once again!