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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Georgia History Week of 5/9/11

This week in Exploring Georgia we plan to cover lessons #4 through #7. We'll be learning about the Symbols of Georgia (did you know that Georgia has had 5 state flags?), the location, size, and weather of Georgia, and the land and waters of Georgia.

Our projects this week are: a salt-dough map of the state of Georgia. There are a few different methods for making salt dough maps, and since this project will be the first I've made, I decided I would check out a few different resources on the how-to's of salt dough map making. Some suggest letting the dough dry before painting. In this video they take another approach.
The video teaches you to roll out the dough and then put the map on top and cut out the dough accordingly. I like that approach better than putting the dough on the map and spreading it out.

Here is a blogpost from Teacups in the Garden on another method. I like the way she teaches labeling the map.

The other project we'll tackle is charting the weather for the various portions of the state of Georgia. Just this week, Bethany's Saxon Math lesson was on graphing, so this will be the perfect project to reinforce a useful skill.

I am enjoying Notgrass Company's Exploring Georgia. Their lessons are practical, doable, and Biblical. What a wonderful introduction to a state that holds so much of the Wright Family's history.

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