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Monday, May 9, 2011

Silly Songs with Momma

" Bathmat, Jelly Dollars!!! Dollars!!! Bathmat Jelly Dollars!!!! Jelly Dollars, Jelly, Jelly, Dollars." Bathmat Jelly Dollars!!!" And so it went. We sang with our best opera voices. Will you remember this? Why did we make this silly song? All of this just to remember my grocery list! What a friend you are to keep me entertained with all of this fun! I love you, my son.

This is tonight's entry from "My Son..." , the private blog I have set up as my online journal for Daniel. I have one for Bethany called, "The PrincessPapers." I thought tonight's entry from "My Son..." would be fun to share. We needed 3 things from Walmart so we made up this silly song. Dollars? No, they cannot be purchased at Wallyworld, but you can ask for dollar bills in change so that said children's allowances can be paid in


Mari said...

Good memories! I used to make up songs and sing thing to my kids too.

Susan said...

You have to be the funnest mom ever!! Mickey & I are to the point we have to make lists for everything or we forget something. I may try the silly song idea on us!!!

Kathy said...

You'd be surprised how creative you can be with those silly songs! : )

The Piper's Wife said...

So sweet!

Brenda said...

So cute! I should try that! But then I think it'd look and definitely sound a little funny coming from me.