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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Something New

This is not just a picture of a Tiger Swallowtail Caterpillar. It's God's reply to a young boy who said to me the morning of our adventure, "I never see anything beautiful. You always are the one who sees the beautiful things."

Off we went, our family of four, on a hike up the creek. It was the tail-end of an annual 5 day camping trip to our favorite spot. I had packed two PBJ sandwiches, two turkey sandwiches, and apples. Danny grabbed a bag of chips on the way out of the camper. We found a sitting spot and lunched. We watched a slew of ants haul off one very large potato chip. During our resting and sliding off of slippery rocks time, Daniel found this little fella who will one day become a swallowtail butterfly. Can you believe this little critter?

We were fascinated by him , truly. When he was still, you could see something pulsing through a vein that went down the center of his body. He moved so quietly and undeterred. When we wanted to investigate his belly we took a stick and touched him. He grabbed onto the stick and tucked his head inside his body. His beautiful blue markings made it look like he had eyes over all his body. When he began to relax and was ready to continue his journey, his head popped out again. The color in this photo we found on the internet is more orange than the one we saw. Ours had a more rusty color. The reason we don't have a picture is because of my history with water and technology. The two have become one a number of times, and it's never been a positive thing! So, because I have yet to invest in a waterproof cover, we have to make do. But, trust me, this is the fella we spotted.

Lord, thank you for displaying something none of us had ever seen before. It was so easy for you to do. Thank you for showing us your beautiful creation. Thank you for doing this wonder for my son.


Andi said...

Hey that is so neat! What a beautiful created gift from YHVH...I am blessed by stopping over! ;0)

Mari said...

Don't we have an amazing God? I love that He created such an array of animals and insects, and then allowed your son to see and enjoy it. I have to think that God got great joy out of seeing Daniel's joy!

Yet God Is... said...

Wow! That's definitely a funky-looking thing and shows God's sense of humor as well! Glad you have a great time on your camping trip. Where did you head to?

Kathy said...

We were at Beaver Creek Campground, east of Sedona. It's our favorite "close" spot with a great camp host & a creek!!!

Nancy said...

We were in Sedona about 6 years ago checking on our property in Wilcox and then checking out more of AZ. We decide to sell and stay in TX just in time for the great drought years...yea! Still LOVE AZ!

Also LOVE bugs of all kinds as long as they obey their commanded borders...*; )

Good job at finding the picture.

Bethany from Confessions of an Organized Homeschool Mom said...

How special for your son (and y'all) to see this! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting yesterday :-). Many blessings.

kymber said...

Oh how I miss the days of looking closely at God's beautiful creation through the eyes of my young children! Cherish those precious days - as I know you will - they are SO fleeting!
I have such fond memories of bending down to peer at the smallest little bugs - and secretly gazing with love at my child - watching him as he gazed in wonder at what God had made! Thank you for sparking that memory for me - I miss those days as the son who gazed at that bug, is now a 22 year old man - who is now looking in wonder at political science books in college far from this mother who prays for him.
Blessings to you,

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Oh, that was a wonderful experience for you and for your son. There are so many beautiful wonders in creation, but I feel sad for the many, many people who see nothing extraordinary in it.
I pray your son will always remember that wonderful creature.... and that he would especially come to know and to love the wonderful Creator.
Blessings, Anne x

Steve n Vickie said...

My kiddos love creepy crawlies too. That's neat that he finally got to be the one to spot "something beautiful".