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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Praying Through

As the year draws to a close and the new begins, I have several things I am praying for and praying through. First, the biggies:

1. How can I be a better Mom?

2. How can I be a better Wife?

3. How can I be a better Worship Leader?

4. How can I be a better Homeschool Group Director?

These are the topics that I often view first as they are my "places of influence." These areas require most of my time, thought, and energy during any given day or week.

Then there are the matters that are more private, I'm less likely to share with others. I suppose we could call it the fine print. Questions like these are roaming through my heart and mind, and they're questions I really want answers to, such as: Should I still be leading worship, am I to focus solely and only on teaching my children, Why do I struggle with the bed bug of procrastination that bites me over and over again, and all of the other questions I have, the nitty-gritty "wonderings" that seem to nip at my heals that just keep ....nipping. And, by the way, this is only a sampling of the questions that turn to prayers as I go about my way.

Father in Heaven, Maker and Knower of my days, I ask that Your purposes be fulfilled in my life. I see even now how many of my wonderings fade more easily as my heart and eyes are fixed upon You. While I have these over-arching questions, and yes, even the fine-print ones, I pray I will love You more and love You most. Let that prayer be my beginning point. Thank you Lord that you are a Father who cares and who concerns Himself with the things that also matter to me. Father, if there is anything in me that will accomplish Your purposes, leave it there and sharpen it. If there's anything I'm doing or anything in me that prohibits Your Kingdom purposes and ways, then please remove those things. Make the vision clear, O Lord, for this next year. Make it clear and plain to me, who at times is hard of sight and hearing.


Brenda said...

One of my favorite scriptures at the moment that is ministering to me is "He is a lamp unto my feet, a light unto my path." The lamp guides us only as far as it casts its light. Our Father knows us more than we know ourselves. As we walk in the radius of the light we are safe. (Probably has not much do to with your topic, but thought I'd share!)
God bless you in 2012.

Kathy said...

Brenda, it has a great deal to do with my post. Thank you! A blessed New Year for you in 2012 also. : )

Susan said...

To both of you, Brenda & Kathy, that verse is also one of my favorites. In olden times, Bible times, I've been told they would bind the "light" to their ankle. It was only as they raised their foot and took that step that they were given more light. I think that is such an important thing for us to remember. When we "stand still" and are just pondering things the light cannot be case forward, BUT as we walk we are continually in the light. I just love that image and try to keep it in my mind always.

Keelie said...

Thank you for this post and your beautiful prayer. I offer up the same for this next year and all of my days.