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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Worth It All

It's been over a year since I've written in Field Lily Press.  I would now consider titling this post, "Missing You Too Many Times to Count!"  My dear heaven-found friend, Mary Lee has since established her forever home in the Lord's presence, and I cannot even imagine how awesome and wonderful it is.  For all of the things that Mary Lee endured in her life of which I have no clue, they're forever in the past. For the things that I knew of that I couldn't control or fix, those too are a vapor. All things are in perspective now and she sees things through the eyes of total healing and perfection. Praise God for that, is all I can say. To my dearest friend whom I miss, every hour spent with you and for you and on your behalf, it was worth it all. I would do it all over again, yes, every suffering portion and joy shared, many times over.  You lived so well. You walked so well. You friended beyond what anyone could ever hope or ask for. Thank you.  To and for God alone be the glory, forever and ever, Amen.

Mary Lee taught my children to fish. Her  life's shadow crosses over ours daily. As we approach her birthday on the thirteenth of this month, it's one day in a string of  many's that we will love and celebrate her.


Mari said...

I didn't know Mary Lee personally, only through her blog and yours. However, I got a good feeling for her and I think I'd say she was a character! And a fun one too!
The promise of heaven is a marvelous thing and knowing she is there, made perfect in every way is a joyous thought. I know that in her life here, you and your family were a huge blessing to her.

Susan said...

So touching and I wept tears as I read it to Mickey.

Kathy said...

Susan and Mari both, I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Since I met both of you through blogging and we know one another in the Lord, I hope it's okay to address you in this singular comment back.

I appreciate your acknowledgement and your understanding of our relationship with Mary Lee. Thank you for being the friends to her that you were.

retha said...

The more I get to hear of Mary Lee I feel a feeling of missing out/lack because I never got to know her or her ways.
But my heart lights up when I think of the joy I experience knowing you.
This causes me to say; I should make a greater effort to 'visit' with you more. I am grateful that we could get to meet over this internet.