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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Emerging Pet Peeve

While creases in table cloths at potlucks,wedding receptions, and the like have indeed been a long standing pet peeve, a new peeve is on the horizon: EZ-Zip ziplocks on bags of veggies, frozen chicken bits, etcetera that, ah hem, do NOT re-zip. Hence, the anticipated and greatly feared tumble of frozen chicken breasts on the kitchen floor or bare and exposed toes so unfortunate as to be in the way. Yes, my new and emerging pet-peeve. It's been happening for months now, but is just emerging, if you will, to my sometimes easily irritated thinker.


Mary Lee said...

my solution...duct tape!

Kathy said...

We must be related. That would surely be my Dad's as well.

Married with Children..... said...

Kathy! I have been peaking in at your blog in the last few days. I have totally enjoyed your writing. Blogging is so very new to me but it has been fun to record some of the things that happen to my family and myself! I have enjoyed reading others blogs, as well! What a neat tool this is! Thanks for reading mine and I hope we can continue to check in on one another.
Wishing you many blessings this Christmas season!

Kathy said...

I am so glad you've come by and that you're enjoying it....mostly glad that we get to know you through blogging world. This too is a very new tool to me, and my prayer is that the Lord would use it through each of us, for His purposes. I hope you all have an awesome Christmas, and I'm glad I could connect with your blog and your world through Gina.