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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The First Song

The brightly sharpened sounds of a birds first song call through my deepest sleep as the Lord signals the new day. I love that sound! I love it's Creator. What a creator He is. Though nature is without words, it is not lacking for a voice. Through song, sunset, deep pools of stars far off....all the like give Him glory, and He uses these incredible displays to reach the hearts of those who might miss Him otherwise. How we love what you made. Call us to love you more, Oh Lord, - to love you most, love you best.


Mary Lee said...

Yes morning is the best! I also enjoy the birds singing and the sun rises along with my morning coffee. Of course the sunsets are beautiful too!

Nancy said...

There is a golden thread that runs around and through the heart of an artist/ an artist of words and words set to song...I know you have experienced it as well. What a wonder and blessing of our Great God that He would share that with us...When I am enthralled by His is almost as if I can feel, see the majesty of the universe, light and life flowing out of His spoken words.(Some have eyes to see... some have ears to hear...some are blessed to have both.)

Kathy said...

Nancy, I never cease to be amazed at how God even gives us ears to hear and eyes to see what He has so beautifully done. I am thankful.

Marylee, the longer the day (and you know what I mean) the more beautiful the sunset seems, haha! Now as for the morning coffee, well, thank you Lord for coffee too. : ) "Oh taste, and see....and think, function, etc."

Kristi said...

Such beautiful imagery. Praise God!