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Monday, November 3, 2008

My Favorite Ingredient

Tonight I have the honor of being one of many worship leaders in the Valley of the Sun to lead a 2 hour session of worship and prayer prior to and through the end of the election. My session is from 10pm to midnight. This wonderful event is a continuous 50 hours being hosted at a local church where many will be praying, worshipping, and adoring the One who holds our days in His hands. I was thinking that if you asked a Chocolatier what his favorite ingredient in all his concoctions is, he would "Hmmmmm...." for just a moment and then say, "Chocolate, of course!" So as I view my 100 or more favorite songs to sing to the Lord it's impossible to choose a favorite. Like chocolate, only richer and better, I choose "worship". It's my favorite ingredient. It belongs in every song I sing to the Lord.


Kristi said...

Mine too. :)

Penless Thoughts said...

How wonderful. I love this type of prayer & worship.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love meeting new people. I hope you will come often.

Kathy said...

I am tired today for a worthy purpose. We had a wonderful evening in worship :) Thank you also for coming by my blog, Susan. I feel like I know you already from your posts and replies on Danny's blog (he is my beloved darling!) I think if we lived in the same town I would want to talk often with you, so blogging bridges that geographical gap! I'd love to stop by yours regularly. Have a blessed day.