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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Larry-Boy Gets the Ax (or maybe just the sharpest knife in the kitchen?)

Daughter comes down the stairs in a hurry and exclaims, "Mom, Daniel says when he's done with his afternoon chores you're going to let him log onto "slash Larry Boy dot com". Initial thoughts....Slash Larry How sick is that! Okay, what's my six year old boy come up with now? Slash Larry boy?? This sci-fi,"King-Kong" way of thinking has really gone too far. Death to the cutest veggie in town? THEN, Daniel comes down and I ask him if he said...blah blah blah SLASH Larry, to which he said No, I said.....blah blah blah Larry Boy SLASH (/).com. Okay, I feel better. We did "log" (as Daniel says), and Larry Boy is still in one piece! Super suction ears....A WAAAAAY!!!!


Brenda said...

Oh, you scared me for a second! What creep out in cyberspace would even thing of such a thing.
Whew! And hilarious!

Nancy said...

ROFL...My "super suction" ears seem to do that a lot as I get's my literal interpretation of words that does it...Come to think of it... some of my funniest moments in life...caused by the same effect!

Kathy said...

Nancy, you have to clue me in...ROFL? : ) I can be on the uninformed side at times. thoughts exactly!! And how did Daniel know about it? :)

B said...

I LOVE Veggie Tales! How could anyone even THINK about doing harm to Larry Boy! Glad it was a false alarm. :-) Brenda (the other one)
Have a great weekend.

Kristi said...

This IS extra funny!!! Love it. :)

(FYI, ROFL is Rolling on the Floor Laughing - you got her good!)

Kathy said...

Thanks for bringing me into the
21st Century, Kristi! : ) Nancy, I am a literal listener time my pastor kept clearing his throat, upon which he said,"excuse me I'm a little hoarse." I heard what he said, but in my mind I saw a small shetland pony up on the platform....I laughed outloud of course.

Mary Lee said...

Ahhh....brings new meaning to the term "sliced vegetables"...I love the things your kids come up with.