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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I love Christmas and Easter! I have just now gotten to the point in life where I no longer tear back the paper (hoping no one will notice) with hopes of peeking in on what awaits me under the Christmas tree. I can now wait until Christmas Day, and I'm proud of that (in the right way.) Finally!

For me, however, Easter takes on an even deeper meaning because it's about the Resurrection. It's a celebration. It's about everything that gives me hope, joy, peace, and assurance of eternal life with Jesus in Heaven. So what I'm saying is, "I can't wait!" I have to open this one up now. I love music that shouts our hope in Christ outloud. We're doing this one on Sunday. Take a peek for yourself.


kymber said...

Hi Kathy,
That gave me a chuckle today - I have a hard time waiting to open presents too. I have always tried to find out what my hubby has bought me for any occasion (shameless I know - I am such a child when it comes to presents!) :-)

I LOVE the song! I have never heard it before. Thank you for putting a song in my heart for today - Maunday Thursday.
Blessings to you,

TraciG said...

Good stuff Kath--
We were a little torn this year... could have gone to Malta to be with my family, or the (6 a.m.)sunrise service at Cohagen, or our church. I decided to sing on the praise team for Easter Sunday so that's the plan now. (We're singing "I Will Rise" by Chris Tomlin for special music. Love that song you're doing... I love most of his stuff. Anyway, it's also Benjamin's 5th bday on Sunday so lots going on. Isn't Bethany's bday either today or tomorrow... couldn't remember for sure. Give her hugs for us!
Have a blessed Easter. He is Risen!

Gina Stinson said...

Hope you have a wonderful Easter. So glad we have the reality of a Risen Savior!

Happy Day-