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Sunday, May 24, 2009


This is what's in the corner by our RV Gate leading to the backyard. Genesis 1:20-23 says that on the 5th day, God created....."every winged bird after it's kind." He said it was good, He blessed them, and said, "Let birds multiply on the earth." So, now we watch daily for these little beauties. A neighbor said that Killdeer birds lay their eggs on the ground. I'm just hoping these didn't fall out of a nest from this weekend's wind and rain that we had. The birds have been known to build a nest or two in the barrel tiles on our roof.

For the homeschoolers out there we're using Apologia's "Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day" for Science this we're skipping to lesson 6 on Matching and Hatching! Wouldn't miss this opportunity for anything! We'll keep you posted.


Elizabeth said...

How fun! You are an amazing Mom!!!

Susan said...

That is true about the Killdeer just laying their eggs on the ground. Amazing isn't it?!!! I'm glad Mickey's Blue Birds build their little nest in the bird house he made for them :o)

TraciG said...

Love that hands on learning. So much fun to watch them learn about stuff because they see it around them. Sometimes it leads to questions that I'm not ready for though... you know bulls and cows and all THAT! Oh well, I guess then there are no surprises...Take Care and enjoy your day!

kymber said...

Oh I hope it is a Killdeer bird and not eggs fallen to the ground from a nest! I am such a softie when it comes to little creatures in distress!

I remember when my kiddos were young and we would find a little bird or squirrel that was abandoned. We would try to nurse it back to health and i would be just sick over their deteriorating conditions! They would usually end up dying and I would be a wreck. I am such a sap :-) I couldn't even stand to see a poor little bee on my windshield struggling to hang on if I was driving and would stop until it flew away. Some of my kids would just roll their eyes, but a few of them are now just like me!
Isn't Gods creation fun to discover through homeschooling? I miss those days so much!
Blessings to you,

Mary Lee said...

Googled Killdeer eggs. Yep...that looks like what you've got. They lay 'em and go away for a couple of days and then return. Very cool!

Kathy said...

Thanks Mary Lee. I was concerned 'cause I haven't seen hide nor feather of the Mom.