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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hymns and Verses

A Hymn of confession. Sung by Nicole Sponberg, Selah.

Why stop with one! (Hit play, there's plenty of time to get another cup of coffee!) Scripture song with the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.


kymber said...

Hi Kathy,
Simply beautiful my friend! I have always loved the first song you posted. Have you ever heard the version sung by Bryan Duncan? Actually ANYTHING sung by him is wonderful! He is such a talented artist. I loved the beautiful pictures that went along with the music as well.
Thanks for sharing!
I am going back to listen to your second song now.
Blessings on your Sunday,

Kathy said...

I haven't heard Bryan's version. He is quite an amazing singer. Blessings on your Sunday too, Kymber! I'm glad you came by!