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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The List

I have a son who likes lists. Hooray! Another list maker in the world! This is a night of fun before bear de papa has to return to the friendly blues, thirty-five thousand way up in the air. Son's heart's desire is in writing on his list.

It is a scene to behold. In his effort to recount exactly what will happen next he consults and reads out loud the list like the Town Crier announcing the next hanging. Only, it's lots better! First legos, then mystery (it's a game they play), then Lost In Space, then Larry Boy, then.....I'm afraid to ask. The stage for fun is set as boy is snuggled with Dad in the rearranged easy-chair conveniently located in front of the computer. Here Hulu gifts the household with Season One of Lost In Space, episode.....forever! Daughter/sister is close by, Mom makes a cameo appearance and recalls silently that computer episodes of L.I.SP. (as I now call it) leave a lot to be desired. It's my permission slip to somewhere else in the house, here to be exact, to tell you of this happening, this night of checking fun things completed off his very own hand-written list.

One last addition: Stuffed Larry Boy, son and Dad are leaving to have lunch at the Alligator Pond (a real place in our real desert with no water and no alligators), and it looks like I'm babysitting Bob the Tomato. The honor is all mine!


Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a great day! What a sweet family. Atleast LISP gave you a little quiet time...

Kathy said...

Let's hear it for LISP! (a fun time had by all today dear Liz!) :)