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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thanks to my friend, Kathleen, for this helpful insight. I thought this was worth sharing!

"Before making your "to do" list, make your "to be" list. Before starting your daily activities, create your "to be" list and write down what you wish to express in this day. Do you wish to be generous, loving, patient,... bold, light-hearted? Do you want to be orderly in your thinking, organized, and focused in your direction? Write this down on one list, and then write down what you wish to do on another list."

To that I say, Jesus help me with this part of my life. Be the center, the core of my being. My motivation, my purpose, my vision.


Red Writing said...

That is great! I plan to start doign this tomorrow. Thanks for sharing Kathy!

Kathy said...

Me too Keelie. How could I have missed this? How easily we get things out of focus.

Susan said...

Wonderful idea and loved, loved the song!!!

Kathy said...

I love the song too, Susan.

In English, the song is titled, "Jesus, Be the Center", and is one we love to sing here and there in our services. It was funny tonight because Danny, at first, didn't recognize the song at all. So just in case someone else is not sure of the title, that's it! : )

Kristi said...

How easily things get out of focus indeed... great reminder!!

Mary Lee said...

Enjoyed the song! Really great pictures too.