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Friday, November 13, 2009

For Fun, Try This!

For a stroll back into modern history, check out this link. I found it though The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Freebies page (a great magazine for the homeschooler in you!)

If you want to know what the price of gas was when you were born, what songs were popular, how much a car cost that same year, click here. The dMarie Time Capsule is a clever way to obtain info on your birthday, someone elses, or just a "this day in history" search. It includes the headlines for the week as well as snipits of political information. I was shocked at the average annual income the year I was born. Hats off to the Moms and Dads who ran the family budgets that year! My, how times have changed.


Mari said...

What an interesting site. The income in my year was interesting too, but when you look at the cost of everything else, it makes sense.

Kathy said...

Very true, Mary.

Mary Lee said...

That was fun! Cheap eats and great TV shows!

Kathy said...

No kidding, Mary Lee. I thought, "no wonder I love Andy Griffith and all those incredible shows!"

Anonymous said...

Great site! This was a neat place to see... thanks Kathy!