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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

While I've Been Dawdling

Dawdling? Maybe that's a bit untrue. Let's say....delaying the inevitable finish of school. I confess, I've had a wonderful time re-doing the looks of Field Notes, our homeschooling blog. I've been adding some great pictures the world has yet to see, so I hope you'll take a peek and allow yourself a little chuckle!

While I have been busy giving myself a blog makeover, the children have been busy, busy, busy, composing songs. Bethany is the choir director (the marching, dancing kind,)and Daniel is the aspiring song writer/composer in residence. The best part has been the heartfelt titles Daniel has ascribed to his compositions: "Oh, How Beautiful Is My Mother", "A Sister's Love for Her Brother", "A Brother's Love for His Sister", "A Father's Love for His Son", and the list appears to be going on. Should I stop this happy train, or keep going? "Hey, is that a hawk?", said the Choir Director. False alarm. For a moment I thought my dream was ending!


Kathy said...

For the record, we did finish out the day! Great job, kiddos.

tricia said...

There is nothing better that listening to the songs your son has written. My youngest son loves to get out the guitar and sing me songs he has written.

Mary Lee said...

I've never seen you least not for very long!

Kathy said...

Whatever it was, I was really enjoying it! : )

Anonymous said...

Dawdling! I want to Wonderful Kathy!